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Sprocket Creative Announces TCM Collaboration on 360-degree Web Series for “Noir Alley” (Sun 5th Nov 17)
Atlanta-based creative agency partners with TCM to produce webseries.
NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT - 12 Streams of Income - (Fri 3rd Nov 17)
Award-winning Author Guides Experts to Monetize Their Knowledge A step-by-step system to establish your authority and profit of your experience
Ashby Co enters the commercial cleaning business (Fri 3rd Nov 17)
Ashby Co, a local cleaning company, announced a new service today. The company is now offering commercial cleaning as well as residential cleaning, which was the main service until now.
A new global DDoS threat hit the DDoS-GUARD clients (Fri 3rd Nov 17)
The emergence of a new botnet with a power superior to Mirai was predicted by analysts in early 2017. However, despite the warnings, IoT manufacturers did not eliminate the backdoors...
A Star Smog Opens New Smog Check Station in Vacaville, CA (Fri 3rd Nov 17)
A Star Smog is a Bay Area company that offers Star Certified smog stations for motorists to get annual smog checks and more.
Get Set to Learn New English Words with the Help of Vocab Tunes’ Workbook (Fri 3rd Nov 17)
Hey Kids! You can now improve your English vocabulary with root-word based workbooks from Vocab Tunes.
Top 10 Analysis Launches To Provide The Ultimate Guide To Car Accessories and Subwoofers (Fri 3rd Nov 17)
Car Accessories Showcase
Reporting Tool combit List & Label Version 23 Released Huge Performance Increase and Many New Features for Users (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
Constance/Germany, 11/02/2017 — Version 23 of the reporting tool marks 25 years of List & Label software development.
13+ Manufacturing Partners on the Paperless Parts Platform Help Product Developers Get to Market Faster
Studio 52 fully opens its offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
Upon the 2nd week of October 2017, Studio 52 began its full office operations in 3 major cities in KSA which are Jeddah, Riyadh, and Al Khobar. This aims to further establish good relations in the business sectors of KSA by introducing the best and the latest platforms of communication and media. The full office operations will open up doors of opportunities for Media people as well.
Redesigned 2018 X3 to grandstand BMW’s next influx of style, tech, and execution (Thu 2nd Nov 17) announces the release of a new expert preview report on the 2018 BMW X3 model, detailing mechanical and styling changes, safety features, fuel savings, price estimates, and more, to advise non-car experts about whether they must wait for a new model.
New Ecommerce Website Is The Only Company In The World That Exclusively Targets The Corners Of Your Home And Office (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
For Your Corner is the only website that exclusively targets the corners of your home or office. They want to be the first name on your lips for anything you need to enhance your corners. For Your Corner has searched and found furniture and other elements the style of your niche, whether in your home or office.
Enhance your travel experience with our newly introduced Kent minibus hire services (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
In today’s life of motion, travel is imperative. Many events happen in our daily life for which we have to book a minibus and travel with a group of friends and family.
CitrusBits Launches “Moments,” a Philanthropic Mobile App (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
CitrusBits, a leading mobile app development company, has launched a new philanthropic mobile app called Moments.
Asus Tech Support Launches Online PC Repair Services in USA (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
Asus Computer, laptop and tablet are being used by all age group of people and across the globe. Once in a while when electronic devices meet with technical failure user can avail the services to get the tech error free machine in working with you.
Sales Rain Launches Redesigned Website (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
Donning a modern minimalist look, Sales Rain proudly announces its improved website. Launched last Sunday morning of October 25th, the new design centers around content and functionality for easier use. The aforementioned redesign is the third rendition of Sales Rain's website since its first launch in 2012.
ClaimVantage Presents at The Digital Insurer Conference in Singapore This Week (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
ClaimVantage, a global InsurTech company, is a gold tech sponsor at the event
InfoTransec Announces Tradecraft and OSINT Intelligence Services. (Thu 2nd Nov 17)
Tradecraft and OSINT is a specialized service provided by few companies. InfoTransec, is a company that provides this very special service to their clients.
Animal Carnival: A Fun New Game That Offers a Real Challenge (Wed 1st Nov 17)
An adorable twist on the match 3 genre comes to the Google Play store this week
New website launched for Budding Apprentices! (Wed 1st Nov 17)
Due to continued success and inward investment have launched their new website, which offers more benefits for budding apprentices.
Canadian 2018 Myers-Briggs Training Dates Announced (Wed 1st Nov 17)
Psychometrics Canada has announced its 2018 MBTI Training programs, including two new Canadian cities and two new Master Class programs.

Where Did My Paycheck Go? Millions Ask That Question Every Day, This New 7 Day Guide Answers That Question (Wed 1st Nov 17)
More Money for the 99%: 7 Day Guide to: Where Did My Paycheck Go? Is a new, simple, concise, easy to follow guide that takes us through a week long journey of exploration into our daily finances. Author Michaelann R. Smith has simplified daily finances in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand.

New Holiday Vacation Rental Software RentZ from TibSolutions (Wed 1st Nov 17)
TibSolutions, the Web Designing / Development and Mobile Applications Development company, having its operations in India and the US has recently introduced RentZ – the Holiday Vacation Rental Software.
Announcement of Expansion at London IT Support Company (Wed 1st Nov 17)
Leading IT Support Company, HTL Support, has acquired Serviced Cloud – the long-established private Cloud Company. HTL's recent expansion has played a key role in the Serviced Cloud merger. The two companies have worked closely together for many years in what has been described as a natural partnership, providing a bespoke service for large and small business. The merger represents a formalizing of the business arrangements, yet will be seamless for the special relationship with customers. There has been no disclosure relating to the costs to HTL in taking Serviced Cloud under its umbrella. 
TripZilla Excellence Awards 2017 Honours 37 Outstanding Travel Organisations (Wed 1st Nov 17)
The most popular travel brands receive distinguished accolades as testament to their excellent work over the past year
Invitation for blockchain summit participants (Tue 31st Oct 17)
creating awareness about blockchain technology and how DGCAMP is going to shake the trillion dollar investment sector
Q-Tickets Signed Contract with Dubai Astronomy Group (Tue 31st Oct 17)
Q-tickets has signed the contract with Dubai Astronomy Group, where everyone is embraced and encouraged to explore the wonders of the universe. Now users can easily book tickets for several events at Al Thuraya Astronomy centre and enjoy the vastness of the universe.
Cell Therapy & Stem Cell Research 2018 (Mon 30th Oct 17)
Conference Series proudly announces it’s 2nd Annual Summit on Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Research 2018 Conference, which will going to be held in Atlanta, USA from November 9-10, 2018. The main aim of this conference is to provide a platform to all the Scientists, Doctors, Medical professionals, Business delegates who will undoubtedly enhance the conference by giving their views regarding latest advancements to all the attendees.
XV International Conference “Black Sea Grain-2018” – Early Bird registration started (Mon 30th Oct 17)
UkrAgroConsult is glad to inform that Early Bird registration for the Anniversary XV International Conference “Black Sea Grain-2018” has started. The conference will take place on April 18-19, 2018 in InterContinental hotel, Kiev, Ukraine.
New Handy Backup Free for Cloud Software 7.9 with Updated Plug-ins (Mon 30th Oct 17)
Handy Backup Development Team releases a fresh update for its free backup software tool – Handy Backup Free for Cloud, a non-commercial solution allowing backing up data online to most popular cloud services.
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