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John Carvalho Nominated For Best Literary Writer at AIMA After Penning New Opus The Crisis Of Our Time

Dr. John Carvalho's newly launched book The Crisis Of Our Time is already generating discussion in the entertainment world, and has now earned its author a 'Best Literary Writer' Nomination for the Artists In Music Awards.

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July 23, 2014 (FPRC) -- Artists In Music Awards Executive Producer Mikey Jayy announced this morning that Dr. John Carvalho, former Harvard University scholar, has received an AIMA Nomination for 'Best Literary Writer' for his newly launched opus The Crisis Of Our Time (published by AuthorHouse). Jayy stated that he will present the nomination to Carvalho at a marquee, red carpet event for the new book, which is scheduled to take place on August 10th, 2014 at the marvelous Bugatta in Hollywood.

The award nomination for Carvalho reveals that the Artists In Music Awards is expanding its program.

'Our focus is not just in music,' said Jayy. 'In Season IV of the Artists In Music Awards, we’ve become a membership organization and we are now under the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts. SFOTA is a non-profit organization with two goals in mind: the dedication to empowering creative youth by providing scholarship opportunities to underprivileged children and providing an avenue to explore and express the arts through unity and community involvement. Under the SFOTA, we can encompass the visual arts. The visual arts include film, education, television, radio, theater arts, graphics design, photography, muralism, urban street art, literature, and poetry. While the premise of the Artists In Music Awards still revolves around music as its core element, under the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts, AIMA is placed in a whole different category of its own, making the organization the first of its kind.'

The expansion of AIMA could not have come at a more opportune time for Dr. Carvalho. His new book, The Crisis Of Our Time, was just published this past week by AuthorHouse and has already gained media publicity as well as attention on social media websites.

'I couldn’t be happier with this nomination for Best Literary Writer,' said an ecstatic Carvalho. 'It’s great for an author to see a new work come to print and then succeed in the public spotlight. Crisis, as I have stated to the press previously, addresses numerous world problems such as the spread of infectious diseases, economic recession, austerity, global climate change, and even the nature of reality, human psychology and human mortality. The book is a scientific and philosophical work, yet AIMA recognized its artistry because the book reveals a novel way to write nonfiction—one that can be entertaining to the lay reader, but also academically meaningful.'

Carvalho, in The Crisis Of Our Time, addresses serious subject matter. However, he also reveals how one can use 'art' to make a more profound, philosophical point. For example, throughout the book there is a 'double meaning' with 'style' and 'grammar,' though it appears subtle.

'I wanted people to see how some of the rules of our lives—those that we have been so indoctrinated with—may actually need revisiting. The play on the language and grammar in Crisis symbolizes this. During the history of literature, we have witnessed an analogous challenge before, like with James Joyce’s Ulysses or Jose Saramago’s The History Of The Siege Of Lisbon. Never, however, have we seen it with nonfiction. Consequently, in Crisis, I really challenge the reader to explore this concept. Present grammatical rules, which are so sacrosanct, may not always reveal how an author wants the audience to read a sentence. For example, sometime he may want to change the ‘pace’ or ‘tempo’ of the read differently, though our present rules may not always allow this. As a result, those rules must be understood in this light. The grander point is that our age-old views such as social taboos or government laws, must be constantly analyzed to determine if they really are just, correct or necessary. Similarly, sometimes what we dismiss as insignificant could be critically important. I show this when I explore my theory regarding a ‘unity of conscious experience’ in the book’s final section.'

Indeed, Carvalho’s final section in Crisis, which introduces how the role of dreams and other forms of conscious experience affects our lives, looks more like a wild, fictional story rather than a philosophical analysis. Nonetheless, Carvalho asserts that the character dialogue in the exposition is real, though bizarre. 'I realize that scholars used to writing nonfiction works will view the last section as shocking. However, I reveal that from this absurd, perhaps even silly, story there arises a profound philosophical framework that addresses important metaphysical and psychological questions. Once again, what we dismiss as frivolous could actually be a critical piece of the puzzle of life,' says Carvalho.

Other areas of the book also reveal artistic design that helped Carvalho receive his new AIMA nomination. The first chapter entitled 'Either Russia Or Portugal' depicts two stories during Carvalho’s travels. Both are exactly superimposable, word for word, punctuation for punctuation, essentially true opposites that mimic Carvalho’s philosophical points regarding the purposefulness of reality.

Dr. John Carvalho states that he will be giving book signings around the nation this year, and that he is furthering the message of Crisis through film. On August 10th, 2014 he will host a red carpet event and book launch at Bugatta in Hollywood.

AuthorHouse, the world leader in print-on-demand, is the publisher for The Crisis of Our Time. The Indiana-based company lists over 60,000 book titles, including those written by Hollywood celebrities, U.S. Senators, and best selling, career authors. The company, via collaboration, has 38,000 retailers worldwide including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Baker and Taylor. A number of its printed books have been converted into Hollywood motion pictures.

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