Lawyer Offers Telecommunications Business Opportunity that Pays Monthly Residual Income

Ernest G. McPeek, J.D. has a combined 40 years of experience in the martial arts, real estate, insurance, and legal fields. He is inviting the general public to partner with him at no cost offering telecommunications services online.

April 24, 2006 (FPRC) -- Lockport, NY -- Ernest G. McPeek, J.D. has 40 years of experience in a variety of businesses, and now he is adding to that by inviting the general public to join with him in an Internet business that offers a full range of communications services online.

High-tech communications services are in high demand, and savvy Internet shoppers now have another way to save money on high speed Internet access, VoIP, cellular phones, and long-distance thanks to the efforts of McPeek.

Many companies offer existing customers a bonus for referring a friend who signs up for service, but now has taken that promotion to a higher level – commissions to consumers for signing themselves up.

“Word of mouth has long been acknowledged as the best form of advertising, so we decided to pay the normal sales commission to consumers instead of to a salesperson,” explained David M. Bresnahan, president of Freedom Phone Services. “Ernie McPeek has joined us in this effort and is a great mentor for anyone looking for a source of residual income.”

There is an automated online sign-up process for marketing representatives at

“Consumers simply sign up, at no cost of course, to become a sales rep for our company. We give them a self-service web site at no charge, which is created for them instantly. They can then use that site to sign themselves up as their own first customer. They are paid the commissions normally paid to a salesperson for their own account. We hope they will then refer others to their new web site who will also become a rep and become their own customer. They both get a commission, month after month,” said McPeek.

The arrangement is a win win situation for everyone. Consumers get their communications services plus a commission from their own monthly bills. If they tell others they get referral commissions as well, and the people they refer also get commissions in the same way.

“We make the whole process very easy because we provide each person who signs up to be a sales rep with a web site at no charge. The site is designed to handle everything, which means our sales reps just need to tell people about us and have those people visit their web site where complete information is provided. Signing up for any of our many services can be done online quickly and easily,” said McPeek.

Marketing reps are paid a commission for their own account, and all other accounts they refer each and every month for as long as the customer continues with the company. This has prompted many people to market their web site to others on a regular basis. Many people are making an extra income, and quite a few have turned this into a full-time income opportunity, according to Bresnahan.

“For those who are ambitious, we offer help with an advertising co-op to bring traffic to their web site. We even provide a way to qualify for participation in the co-op without any cost,” said Bresnahan.

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