Indiana Private Investigator Warns of Cell Phone Bugs

Rising appearance of illegal cellular phone bugs found in Indiana by private investigator generates concerns. Increased requests for needed TSCM (technical surveillance countermeasures) services in Indiana prompts investigator to publish advisory.

August 4, 2006 (FPRC) -- In response to growing concerns, an Indiana private investigator finds it necessary to publish this general announcement to aid in informing the general public about the issue of eavesdropping in the United States.

"Following the revelation that the NSA has been involved in warrantless wiretapping of US Citizens, the public has become acutely aware of eavesdropping issues," states Indiana private investigator, Tim Wilcox. As the president of International Investigators, Inc. based in Indianapolis, Mr. Wilcox states that he has been spending a lot of time explaining the facts relating to eavesdropping to people inquiring about their eavesdropping detection, or 'TSCM' (technical surveillance countermeasures) services. "Despite the fact that the majority of Americans would likely not be monitored by the NSA, the public's increased awareness of potential risks and vulnerability to eavesdropping has made them inquisitive."

Mr. Wilcox explains that the most realistic eavesdropping threat for most people comes not from the government, but from people they know, or business competitors. "In fact, the risk these days is greater than ever with the advent of the plain old cell phone. As a private investigator in Indiana, you would expect that we would find fewer eavesdropping devices than in more cosmopolitan areas like L.A. or N.Y., but this is not the case. Our firm performs TSCM sweeps (technical surveillance countermeasures or bug sweeps) across the country, and the incidence of cell phone bugging is no less here than elsewhere.

The Indiana investigator goes on to explain that, "Two-thirds of all eavesdropping devices found these days are cell phone bugs. Many of these bugs are basic cell phones that have been adapted to answer silently and automatically when called. Some are disguised by having been built into ordinary household or office items, like clocks and lamps." Although highly illegal, Americans have been buying them from overseas suppliers at great risk of being arrested.

Cell phone bugs are extremely difficult to find unless they have been activated. "Most PIs don't have the proper equipment to find them, and you can't buy an off-the-shelf device to detect them, although there are some equipment manufacturers who claim they have them ... these are frauds. Our firm is the only one staffed with investigators in Indiana who have the proper equipment and training to find a cell phone bug that is not activated, or receiving a call." Due to the level of skill and the complex, expensive and rare equipment required to detect a cell phone bug, Investigator Wilcox has found his services have been in high demand, even outside of Indiana.

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