The Car Party Official Political Party Approved On The 12th December 2006

The Car Party that has 393 members is being denied media coverage by a corrupt news network that has a vested interest in keeping the opinion of the majority of UK motorists a secret. They appear to be Government lap dogs. We have more members than the Animal Rights Party when they were covered by media nationwide including the BBC.

December 18, 2006 (FPRC) --

The Electoral Commission has approved The Car Party as an official political party. December the 11th 2006 was the day that motorists should know of as The Car Party was officially endorsed on that day.

The Car Party has come about due to the fact that all other political parties in the UK are supporting ever higher taxes and costs for the motorist.

The Liberal Democrats want increased costs including vehicle excise duty of 2000, The Labour Party are in favour of road pricing and tolls, trials start in 2009. The Conservatives are also supporting these unrealistic plans.

Many key workers who depend on their cars for transport will be driven to give up work or to find other jobs nearer where they live. Other low paid workers will be forced to give up work entirely as they will not be able to afford to travel to work at all. Road pricing plans will disrupt society, and with no other political party opposing these ridiculous ideas. The Car Party was launched on the 6th November and now has over 390 members, more than the Animal Rights Party who launched with 200 members and made news nationwide.

The media in the UK are trying to keep secret this party, who wish to give voice to the majority of motorists who are opposed to road charging and tolls.

The Car Party is also in favour of nuclear power for the long term supply of clean and sustainable electricity generation. Most people are opposed to wind farms, due to the damage done to the landscape.

You may join us at Please ask the media to recognise us as a true political force and as a registered official political party.

Please contact us on 0870 863 5878 we have a spokesperson who is available for interviews. We have received news coverage on radio and in local press, the national press are involved in a conspiracy to keep our existence secret.

For more information contact Maureen of The Car Party  (

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