White River Academy Relocates to Delta, Utah; and Expands Services

White River Academy has just moved from Puerto, Rico to Delta, Utah. We have also redesigned our website; increased our services to offer indvidual counseling, added to our staff, and more.

January 24, 2007 (FPRC) -- We are pleased to announce the much awaited relocation of White River Academy, a boarding school for trouble teens, from Rio Grande, Puerto Rico to Delta, Utah. We have also redesigned our website: www.teenhelponline.com and we have added nine new articles about Positive Peer Culture.

On November 23, 2006, we made the long journey from Puerto Rico to the Salt Lake City International Airport. We then drove two and one half hours south west to Delta. It was an arduous trip, but it is very rewarding to be at our new facility.

We are anxious to continue the expansion of the services we offer. A new addition to our services is Individual Counseling twice per month where therapy is given to increase emotional development and to evaluate behavior. Also new is the ability for parents to speak with our Licensed Counselor up to four times monthly for progress review and Family Counseling.

On January 11, 2007, we received our first visit, in this new facility, from The Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges for accreditation purposes to further our academic program.
In the next few months, we hope to add a music class to our curriculum in which students will be able to learn to play the Guitar and take vocal lessons.

White River Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that uses Postive Peer Culture to help troubled teens. We believe in helping teens help themselves. For more information: please call 1-866-679-8336 or visit our website: www.teenhelponline.com.

For more information contact Sky of White River Academy  (http://www.teenhelponline.com)

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