The Car Party appear on TONIGHT with Trevor McDonald

Gordon Brown is unfit to Govern he is out of touch with the 33 million drivers in the UK he seeks to represent but what has he got in common? Nothing he sees motorists as cash cows and little wonder when he refuses to learn to drive, he obviously hates motor cars.

February 10, 2007 (FPRC) -- The Car Party has been interviewed at length on the Road Pricing and Road Charging Policies put forward by all othe political parties in the UK. The Car Party will appear on the Tonight with Trevor McDonald Programme, on the 16th February 2007 at 8PM. The Car Party hope to attract 10000 new members over the coming month. Road Pricing will affect every member of society, non-drivers will still pay the road charging fee as companies pass on the charges to customers. All UK businesses will be affected! The economy will be damaged by this race by politicians of the Labour Party to raise revenue to fund thier illegal and ill founded war in Iraq. Gordon Brown does not drive has never learnt and does not intend to find out what the majority of the people he purports to represent have to cope with every day. Parking fines, Speeding Fines, Speed humps, Red Routes. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are not fit to be in office they have no idea of the realities of life in Great Britain do not use public transport and are out of touch. How can a man who can not drive a car become Prime Minister, it's like a school teacher becoming a brain surgeon without any training. Join The Car Party and help speak up for the 33 million Britains who can Drive! Motorists suffer every day from a lack of funding on transport infra structure and the quest for profit by train and bus companys who do not serve the best interests of the commuter. Rural communities can not afford to pay road charges. They also have the worst service of public transport. The Car Party are the only political party to seek to represent 33 million motorists against unfair, bullying treatment, by Government, Opposition parties and the small minded minority who hate the motor car and have spread the word against the decent honest law abiding car driver for too long.

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