Black Satire Book Set To Cause A Storm

The Melting Pot of Black Humour is a ground breaking comedy book containing more than 400 jokes and illustrations focus on issues affecting the Black community in the Diaspora

February 9, 2007 (FPRC) -- The Melting Pot of Black Humour is a ground breaking comedy book containing more than 400 jokes. It is a provocative book of Black on Black satirical and risqué humour pertaining to issues which affect the Black community in the Diaspora

This book deliberately tackles the complexity of issues relating to education, employment, travel, terrorism, relationships, religion, politics, race relations, including Black on Black discrimination. This book makes no apologises in this respect of the content. So, if you’re looking for a book that is intellectually challenging, cognitively stimulating, Afro-centric or Black people friendly this may be it.

If you don’t like the contents then simply go get another book. But if you’re prepared to read a book that takes a light hearted view of the Black experience, with a subliminal socio-political messages then this is the book for you.

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The Melting Pot of Black Humour has been complied by Horatio Walter Campbell and Ignatius Desmond McKenzie who are two professional PIMPS that are Positive Individuals Making Progress Successfully. This book could not have been completed without that BITCH of an editor Gertrude Verdia Braffet who is Black Independent Talented Crafty and Horny.


Horatio Walter Campbell a Jamaican when in England but English in Jamaica is a Marketing graduate. He majored in recreational pharmaceutical marketing and distribution. He owns as 24 hours laundry service operation and several cheque cashing shops. However, since 9/11 and the changes in laundry rules he has retired and currently resides in Jamaica.

Ignatius Desmond McKenzie is a British born Jamaican. His formative years were spent hanging on the streets of Kingston, London, New York where he honed his observational and mating techniques. He graduated with a first class degree in Social Anthropology and Gender Studies. His forthcoming book "Bloody Ghetto Games" has been nominated for the Willy Lynch Literature Award.

Gertrude Verdia Braffet, is a Yankee Babe of Barbadian persuasion.
She is a Black and Sexy Ghetto Bitch. At a very young age she recognised that her voluptuous Ass-etts were getting her noticed. On the advice of a friend she entered and won several meaningless Ghetto Pageant contests.. She currently resides in Manchester, England.

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