Why Go There? For the Flowers!

A new book, FLOWERtripping A Traveler’s Guide to What’s Blooming When, fills a significant gap in destination research tools and addresses the current trend of travelers doing more of their own travel planning. It’s an international reference guide for travelers wanting to include flower sites in their itineraries. The author, Kate Savory, gathered scattered information from the Internet, tour catalogs, and guidebooks on destinations and flower blooming times around the world and put it into an easy-to-read format that simplifies and reduces research efforts for all kinds of travelers.

July 3, 2007 (FPRC) -- How do you travel the world? One itinerary at a time! Destination research is the heart and soul of the travel industry: top-of-the-line tour operators scout out new sites to see and new ways to see old sites in an effort to keep their edge over the competition. Students trying to cram everything into their summer trip to Europe or Asia, yet keep their costs to a minimum, pore over guidebooks and the Internet, compiling an itinerary that would intimidate their parents.

This “see it all” approach has created a demand for small group travel, custom itineraries, and more specific information about places around the globe. There’s the popularity of books like 1001 Places to See Before You Die, which created a hunger in travelers to “go there and do that.” There are trips, books, and life lists for birders, gardeners, fishermen, hikers, mountain climbers, and even World Heritage Site-ers.

The convenience and accessibility of information from the Internet has supplied the fodder for these hungry travelers. And there’s a new crop of travel guidebooks that are subject-specific reference tools so travelers can solve their itinerary-planning challenges long before they reserve hotel rooms and select airfares.

Is there any subject left untouched, any stone not turned? “Flowers,” comments Kate Savory, author of FLOWERtripping™ A Traveler’s Guide to What’s Blooming When, “there is nothing written for someone who wants to research a trip that would combine travel and flowers.”

Savory’s own itinerary-planning frustrations led her to compile the data on viewing flowers in bloom around the world. “Doing your own destination research opens up all sorts of possibilities for travelers. It’s a ‘one thing leads to another’ scenario. The next thing you know, you’ve discovered another aspect of travel you’d like to pursue—and there’s a book or a website with information for you.”

For more information contact Kate Savory of ASW Publishing  (http://www.flowertripping.com)

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