Author Releases Revised Book About Politics in Zimbabwe from an Insider’s Viewpoint - Power to the People by Nancy Lazarus

Zimbabwean author Nancy Lazarus, releases insightful chronicle of the events of the troubled nation of Zimbabwe and the politics of the day.

May 31, 2008 (FPRC) -- "Power to the People" is a chronicle of events in Zimbabwe from independence and the experiences of the ordinary people as the country's government changed hands from colonial rule to an independent country. The challenges of the regimes in the two eras, the administrative styles, the strategies adopted by the regimes to hold onto power, and the impact all this had on the ordinary person, the skilled and professional manpower, the public services and the economy, are expressed from an insider’s view.
Nancy Lazarus started writing this book in 2002 because of her frustration with the dishonesty of her country’s politicians. “They were deceiving innocent people especially children who had no idea of how the country came to be in the state of decadence it is in now” says Nancy. "Politicians in valued power and holds everyone to ransom... The harassment of people of different thoughts retarded progress. The government was obsessed about looking for enemies from its own people. The enemies were people of diverse thoughts and ideas. The politicians forgot that progress comes when people have peace and freedom of thought and innovation..."
“….Many people, within the country and outside, wished for a new day, where there were no economic refugees, where there was leadership that cared about improving the conditions of service for the general public that offered decent salaries, and fringe benefits, and aimed at manpower retention in the country….”
A second and more comprehensive edition has just been released in 2008.

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