New Telecommunications Company in Rochester, NY

Antmore Technologies, LLC has recently opened a new office in Rochester, NY. They released a new look for their website called and more products for its customers. You can browse their blog and chat live with customer support. The Founder, Anthony Morelle explains why he chose Rochester.

June 12, 2008 (FPRC) -- Antmore Technologies, LLC, incorporated in Nevada, has opened a new location to serve its East Coast clientele in Rochester, New York. This strategic location allows Antmore Technologies to be in a position to reach out to new markets and verticals.

Antmore Technologies was created initially to serve political campaigns and non-profit organizations. As the company grew, it has branched out into many different facets of many different industries. Antmore has been able to capitalize on emerging technology in the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to create products than can improve the lives of others. Antmore Technologies President and founder has this to say about the new location,

"For years I have lived in the Rochester area. I have seen the City trend upwards and down. With all the new activity going on here, I cannot help but be involved. I care about young people staying in Rochester after they graduate college. I want to be able to use their skills and draw from the pool of highly talented college graduates."

Morelle brings to the table, over 20 years experience in Politics and related fields, over 10 years in customer service and sales. Since Monroe County is a highly charged mix of political activity, it is no wonder he picked the place of his birth to return. "I love this place. It is alive with so much history yet the City is small enough that you don't feel penned in like other metropolitan areas."

Antmore Technologies was born out of Morelle's involvement in Politics. He grew up in a political family. He worked on technological projects while still in college. Although he says doesn't know much about the Information Technology industry, he does pride himself on being able to marry technology with everyday life. Morelle later says, "Instant Call Blast was created after working with a business partner with another company. We just had creative differences. I wanted to make my company a household name. So now I have the freedom to do so."

Antmore Technologies plans on rolling out a few other websites that are political and telecommunications in nature, but not together. Morelle hopes to have a few employees working in the Rochester location by the end of the year, but as Morelle says, "you can't rush excellence!"

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800-634-9614 ext. 4

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