Elite Minds Inc Releases RightWriter Grammar Analysis For Everyone

Software improves your grammar, makes your writing look more inteligent and professional.

September 17, 2008 (FPRC) -- CAMARILLO, CA -- Today Elite Minds Inc announces the release of a product that promises to improve all written communications in their line of Educational and Self Improvement products called RightWriter.

This award-winning writing improvement and grammar correction software helps anyone improve their writing. A single grammar error on a sales website can cost you sales because buyers simply do not trust a website with grammar errors. A silly typo that looks like a grammar error can make you look foolish in an email or blog post. Such mistakes can cost you sales, result in a bad grade, or just be embarassing. Avoid embarassment by checking your messages, reports, essay's, websites and any writing for errors before sending it out. RightWriter not only finds grammar errors, but it gives suggestions to improve your overall writing.

RightWriter is designed to be simple to use so the average person can use it daily. Copy and paste your text to see a list of recommendations. It is just that simple to use. Your writing is instanatly improved and using RightWriter on a regular basis will help you improve your ability to write because every error you fix is an error you naturally learn to avoid the next time.
RightWriter checks grammar errors, weak writing indicators, spelling and punctuation errors, plus it enriches the user's text by suggesting ways it can be improved.

RightWriter's streamlined design allows it to work with any word processor, any text editor, any web design tool, basically any program that uses text.

The user does not have to understand any grammar rules to use RightWriter. Simply hover over an alert message to see a detailed explanation and examples showing how to fix the problem.

The advanced phonetic spelling checker is much more powerful than spell checkers included with most word processors. The phonetic or sounds-like spell checker will find words that are seriously misspelled and identify the most likely words that the user wanted to use based on the sound, not the spelling.

RightWriter is available immediately from http://www.right-writer.com

About Elite Minds Inc

Elite Minds Inc develops educational and self help products. We are focused on R&D for new products and have many more in development. You can find more information about Elite Mind's products at the corporate website: http://www.elitemindsinc.com

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