Hydronic Components Inc. Announces Launch of On-line Store

Hydronic Components Inc. announces the launch of their On-line Store. HCi produces a series of products designed specifically for use on a HVAC terminal unit.

February 13, 2009 (FPRC) -- An innovator in the HVAC industry, Hydronic Components Inc. (HCi), recently opened an on-line store to offer direct sales to plumbers, engineers and end users. HCi is utilizing Godaddy.com to provide a safe and secure environment to browse their extensive product catalog. The site was designed with simplicity in mind to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. New customers can easily find all types of valves, accessories, hoses and more. The HCi Store currently has over 250 products available to ship to anywhere in the United States.

HCi known for the “Terminator System” which is a method of piping HVAC terminal units to minimize the time and space required to make the connection between the distribution piping and coil. To accomplish this HCi has produced a series of products designed specifically for use at an HVAC terminal unit which when combined create the Terminator System.

Payment is easy within the HCi web store. Customers can pay online via any major credit card making the purchasing process faster and more convenient than ever.

Visit us at http://shop.hciterminator.com

About Hydronic Component Inc.

Since 1995, HCi has lead the industry in quality and innovation providing premier coil piping packages, competitive pricing, responsive service, fast delivery all backed by the best warranty in the industry. HCi is the premier provider of innovative hydronic components to the HVAC industry. HCi is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers through comprehensive training and superior customer support. We emphasis on providing completely specialized services, new products, and value added design-build of HVAC piping packages and components. http://www.hciterminator.com

For more information contact Mike Miele of Hydronic Components Inc.  (http://www.hciterminator.com)


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