Air 1 Heating Launches New HVAC Website

Air 1 Heating releases redesigned HVAC website featuring in-depth, informative information about Heating and Air Conditioning installation and service

February 24, 2009 (FPRC) -- Located in the Seattle, Tacoma region, Air 1 Heating, Inc., a full-service heating and air conditioning company, launched its new website: Visitors to the newly redesigned website will notice a fresh, clean, well-organized look. It features in-depth information to help residential and commercial customers understand the various aspects of installing, servicing or upgrading their heating or air conditioning system.

Some of the areas discussed include:

• What you need to know about air conditioning (ac):
• Size – A bigger air conditioner is not always better. A unit that is too large will not cool an area uniformly, and could cool an area too quickly, causing the air conditioner to frequently turn on and off, wasting electricity and money.
• Energy Efficiency – The higher the SEER rating of a unit, the more energy efficient it is.
• Installation – An air conditioner installed improperly, such as the ducts not properly insulated, will waste energy, even one with a very high efficiency rating.
• Costs – There are four costs that make up the total cost: Initial Investment, Operating Cost, Repair and Maintenance Cost, and Future Replacement Cost.

• What you need to know about heating:
• Forced Hot Air – Forced air systems send heated air through ductwork.
• Forced Hot Water – Forced hot water systems are usually heated by gas or oil-fired boilers.
• Three types of distribution piping – Series loop, One-pipe, and Two-pipe.
• Energy Efficiency – How efficient a furnace is can be determined by its AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.) In the U.S., the minimum efficiency for furnaces is 80% AFUE. This means for every $1.00 spent heating the home, $0.80 are applied to the generation of warmth.

Visitors will find these issues and more discussed in-depth on Air 1 Heating’s redesigned website to help them make a more informed buying decision.

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