Online Curriculum Resource Lesson Planet Offers Teacher-reviewed online Cinco De Mayo Lesson Plans

A wide variety of teacher-reviewed Cinco de Mayo lesson plans are available online at, a premier search engine specifically designed for teachers.

April 24, 2009 (FPRC) -- SANTA BARBARA, CA -- Lesson Planet, a search engine designed specifically for teachers, recently announced that a variety of high quality, teacher-reviewed, Cinco de Mayo lesson plans are easily accessible through its searchable online lesson plan search engine.

Appropriate for children of all ages, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, Lesson Planet helps you quickly find Cinco de Mayo lesson plans that offer a wide variety of fun and educational classroom activities to highlight the holiday.

From arts and crafts projects for the younger students, like designing colorful ponchos, to research and writing assignments for older kids, each Cinco de Mayo lesson plan has been reviewed and rated by credentialed K12 educators, so that teachers can deliver compelling learning experiences for their students.

Lesson Planet's mission is to empower educators by helping them to quickly find quality teacher-approved online curriculum resources. Since it began in 1999, Lesson Planet has helped countless teachers and parents save valuable time in coordinating their classroom learning activities. As one of the most popular online curriculum resources available today, Lesson Planet offers fast, easy and convenient access to more than 150,000 teacher-reviewed, online lesson plans, ranging from standard academic subjects, such as History and Science, to more detailed topics, including holiday-specific lesson ideas.

"We understand that many busy teachers simply do not have the time or resources to find appropriate and compelling lesson plans and related curriculum resources. Lesson Planet helps teachers to quickly and efficiently identify quality lesson plans and ideas, allowing them more time to focus on what's most important teaching their students," says Jim Hurley of (

By simply signing up online at, educators and parents receive full access to Lesson Planet's listing of Cinco de Mayo lesson plans, as well as the site's full catalog of online lesson plan reviews. A complimentary, no-commitment, no obligation 10-day free trial membership is currently available to allow users to experience the many benefits of Lesson Planet prior to becoming full members.

During the trial, teachers can take full advantage of Lesson Planet's intuitive search interface which makes it easy for them to refine their search by grade, rating, subject, keyword, etc. to find relevant lesson plans, worksheets and state standards. At the end of the trial period, users can elect to extend their membership for a nominal fee of $29.95 annually (approximately 60 cents a week).

About Lesson Planet: Lesson Planet (, a search engine specifically designed for teachers, provides easy access to a wealth of online lesson plans that have been reviewed and rated by experienced educators. Lesson Planet makes it easy for teachers to discover online lesson plans for almost every academic area including science and math in an easily searchable format. Additionally, the user-friendly search engine currently features a variety of quality Cinco de Mayo lesson plans appropriate for children of all ages.

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