Dr. Britt Borden Provides Medical Care For Those In Need During Honduras Medical Missionary Trip

Dr. Britt Borden is taking part in a medical missionary trip to Honduras where he will provide care for general medical conditions, infections and diseases to those in need.

June 24, 2009 (FPRC) -- CHICAGO, IL Leading Chicago area neurosurgeon, Dr. Britt Borden MD, recently announced he is taking part in a special medical missionary trip to Honduras organized by Indianapolis-based group FAME. FAME is a faith-based organization that partners with other missions to provide medical mission services to underprivileged countries around the world. On the trip, which will take place from June 5 through June 13, Dr. Borden will be providing much needed medical care to disadvantaged Honduras residents.

One other doctor and several nurses will accompany Dr. Borden on the mission to attend to general medical problems, diseases, hypertension, diabetes and infections of needy men, women and children of Honduras. To aid in the mission, the doctors are bringing their own personal medical supplies.

"I feel grateful to be able to share my medical expertise with the wonderful people of Honduras, and feel privileged that I am in a position to be able to help others. Quality medical care for the poor is hard to come by in countries such as Honduras, which is why missions like this are more important than ever. By providing necessary medical attention to those in need, our mission team will be dramatically changing the lives of so many people," says Dr Britt Borden.

On the medical missionary trip, Dr. Borden will conduct five different clinic days in villages across the country. The clinics will be setup in community churches, allowing maximum public access to the much-needed medical care. Dr. Borden and the rest of the mission team will also visit a local public hospital, which is a lower priced, teaching hospital, to spend quality time with children who are patients.

In addition providing quality medical care to those in need, the mission team will also hand out corn and clothing provided by FAME, as well as toys and gifts they have personally purchased for the underprivileged children.

"I am proud to be part of this upcoming medical missionary trip to Honduras. Everyone deserves quality medical care, and by participating in this mission, I am confident that I will be able to help hundreds of Honduras men, women and children improve their health and well being," says Dr. Britt Borden.

About Dr. Britt Borden MD:
Dr. Britt Borden MD is a leading Chicago-based neurosurgeon with a specialization in brain tumor surgery, complex spine surgery and pain relief surgery. As a premier surgeon, Dr. Borden is committed to helping all patients achieve the highest level of health possible.

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