Dr Britt Borden Launches Spine Surgery Educational Blog

Chicago neurosurgeon Dr Britt Borden has launched a new blog to help patients understand the process of complex spine surgery.

June 30, 2009 (FPRC) -- CHICAGO, IL - Dr Britt Borden, a Chicago area neurosurgeon, announces the launch of a new blog. The first entry, released May 24, will help patients determine if a lumbar discectomy can help relieve lower back or leg pain caused by a ruptured disk.

A lumbar discectomy is a less invasive form of back surgery than a lumbar laminectomy. In a discectomy surgery, patients are placed under general anesthesia and lie on their stomachs. The surgical staff does everything possible to make sure patients are comfortable.

A small incision is made near the midline of the spine and Dr Britt Borden MD carefully removes the disc herniation and any additional disc fragments that have come lose. Bleeding is carefully controlled with a special gel foam powder and antibiotic irrigation is used to keep the incision site clean and sterile.

"Many of our patients come in thinking there isn't much hope in eliminating their chronic lower back and leg pain. We can see the relief on their faces when we tell them there's a relatively simple procedure we can perform," said Borden. "I hope that the launch of our new blog will help even more people realize that they don't have to suffer through lower back and leg pain for the rest of their lives. This surgery doesn't require a lengthy hospital stay and many people are able to return to their everyday lives in just a few short weeks," explains Dr Britt Borden (http://dr-britt-borden-md.com/).

In addition to the lumbar discectomy, Dr Britt Borden also specializes in other forms of complex spine surgery, brain tumor surgery, and pain relief surgery. Britt Borden earned his medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School before completing a general surgery internship at Northwestern University in Chicago and a neurosurgery residency at West Virginia University. He has also completed fellowships in spine surgery and brain tumor surgery at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and the John H. Stroger Jr Hospital.

"My team and I are dedicated to providing patients with pain relief options as well as the information they need to make well-informed decisions," said Dr Britt Borden.

About Dr Britt Borden:
Dr Britt Borden is a Chicago area neurosurgeon who specializes in complex spine surgery, brain tumor surgery and pain relief surgery. He recently launched a new blog to assist patients in determining if back surgery is right for them.

For more information contact Britt Borden of Dr Britt Borden MD  (http://dr-britt-borden-neurosurgeon.com/)

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