Launches For Google apps, iPhone apps, FireFox Applications and More

A new website has launched to provide resources for all types of applications from iPhone apps to FireFox applications while at the same time providing general information on the iPhone and the web.

September 9, 2009 (FPRC) -- SEO Marketing LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new web site This new resource is intended to be a treasure trove of information, videos and tutorials about iPhone apps, Google apps and FireFox applications.

The motivation behind the new site is the upcoming development of several iPhone applications which SEO Marketing want to preview on the site. But their “apps” don't just stop at iPhone applications. Coming from a Search Engine Optimization background, the experts at SEO Markets are also looking to offer resources related to Google's web service Google Apps as well as FireFox and other Internet and blogging technologies.

The site has offers a unique and interesting Mac / iPhone feel and the iPhone theme continues with the first scheduled post which will be a video about jail-breaking and unlocking an iPhone 3G.

“We are looking at developing a variety of applications that are fun or make life easier” said Kris Kinard a SEO/Web Designer with the firm. Software Developer Brandon Farrell added, "I think people testing our apps before we launch them help both parties."

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