Health Care Hiring Physician Search Adds Value to NPI Registry

The NPI registry physician database is now searchable by cross-reference to legacy Medicare numbers, insurance codes and state license numbers.

Seattle, WA. Health Care Hiring announces a new added value search of the federal NPI medical provider database. Visitors to may now search, free of charge, through the entire 2.9 million records of the NPI database, in addition to another 2.5 million records of contact information for healthcare specialties in over 140 categories. Health Care Hiring also gives jobseekers access to millions of jobs in the health sector.

Physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, dentists, chiropractors and all providers who are registered to receive payment from Medicare are included in the NPI registry. Searches may be structured by state, city, name, specialty, NPI number and "legacy" Medicare identifier number (OSCAR, PIN) as well as by physician UPIN code, Medicaid numbers, state license numbers, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and other commercial insurance codes.

While HHS offers a primary search on their website (, however no access to a cross-reference search by legacy identifier numbers is currently available directly from any federal government website.

The NPI (National Provider Identifier) data is updated monthly, and since 2008 has become the official numbering system for all medical and health care providers participating in the Medicare system. Medical billing staff, medical transcriptionists, medical records and medical office administrators often need to locate other providers by name, number or location. Search results include all business contact information with address, phone and fax, and maps are provided for each practice location.

Health Care Hiring boasts the fastest and most complete search of the NPI medical provider database available on the web. The search speed of Health Care Hiring is due to proprietary backend programming, highly optimized Oracle databases, and intuitive web page design. With programming based on eight years experience providing job information to the healthcare community, the staff of Health Care Hiring believe that their efforts can help play a small part in a larger effort to improve, revitalize and redesign the delivery of health care to all Americans, consistent with the current US initiatives to modernize and streamline the health care sector, and medical billing in particular.

According to HHS, "The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Administrative Simplification Standard." Since May, 2008, the NPI number must be used instead of any legacy numbers in any transactions with Medicare. All health care providers are encouraged to review the data they have submitted to NPI, and to remove any sensitive information such as home address or personal phone number, that may have been reported.

The NPI database is public information under the Freedom of Information Act. Federal regulations require providers to share their NPI with other providers, health plans, clearinghouses, and any other entity that may need it for billing purposes.

About Health Care Hiring:

Health Care Hiring is a comprehensive career and employment website for the health care sector, offering job seekers access to millions of health care jobs across the U.S. Employers and recruiters may search resumes free and post jobs ($30 for 30 days) across a nationwide job network over thousands of websites that include exposure on Jobamatic, Linkedin, MySpace, CNet, ZDNet and Fox News. Health Care Hiring also includes contact information for 5.5 million health care providers nationwide, where job seekers may search for jobs close to home.

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