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Health Care Hiring launches free searches of 5.5 million medical providers in over 140 categories and medical specialties.

September 22, 2009 (FPRC) -- Seattle, WA. Health Care Hiring announces that their vast databases of U.S. health care and medical providers have been completely revised and updated to include up-to-date contact information for 5.5 million providers in over 140 medical specialties, areas of care, and medical products and services. Health Care Hiring also gives jobseekers access to millions of health care jobs.

The new medical providers category includes allergists and immunologists, audiologists, dietitians, nutritionists, occupational health services, opticians, optometrists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, speech pathologists, sports medicine, urologists and veterinarians. Each specialty may be searched by state, by name and by city. Search results include contact information with address and phone, and maps are provided for each practice location. Additional information available for medical providers includes description, specialties, certifications and affiliations, products, brands, payment methods accepted and hours of operation.

Not only do job seekers benefit from access to health care jobs, they also may search local health care and medical providers to find jobs available close to home. Health care job opportunities working for medical providers may include office and administrative staff, nurses, medical technicians and technologists, medical records staff, medical transcription, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, informatics and medical billing. Health care staffers may search medical providers practice locations close to home to seek employment.

Medical professionals have been using for years for job-related research. Medical transcriptionists, medical billing staff and other health care professionals use Health Care Hiring to lookup provider contact information, as these records are often needed as part of their daily work. Suppliers and vendors in the health care sector also search for potential client information, and patients may lookup medical providers and specialists in their area.

About Health Care Hiring:

Health Care Hiring is a comprehensive career and employment website for the health care sector, offering job seekers access to millions of health care jobs across the U.S. Employers and recruiters may search resumes free and post jobs ($30 for 30 days) across a nationwide job network over thousands of websites that include exposure on Jobamatic, Linkedin, MySpace, CNet, ZDNet and Fox News. Health Care Hiring also includes contact information for 5.5 million health care providers nationwide, where job seekers may search for jobs close to home. The staff of Health Care Hiring believe that their efforts can help play a small part in a larger effort to improve, revitalize and redesign the delivery of health care to all Americans.

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