Health Care Hiring Locates Hospitals by Medicare Number

Health Care Hiring launches a revised and updated hospital directory , including search by Medicare number.

September 23, 2009 (FPRC) -- Seattle, WA. Health Care Hiring is not just for job seekers looking for health care jobs -- in fact, anyone seeking medical care can use the latest, revised edition of Health Care Hiring hospital directory search. Hospitals, clinics and medical centers may be located by name, city or Medicare provider number.

The hospital directory search, featuring over 6,000 hospitals, has been available online since 2001, and it was recently upgraded as part of a site-wide redesign and renovation that includes over 5 million listings of health care providers in more than 200 specialties, medical facilities, schools and employment resources nationwide. Hospital search results include contact information, number of beds, Medicare provider number and a map of the hospital location. Every day, thousands of job seekers, patients, health care professionals, researchers, businesses, employers, recruiters, students and member of the public visit healthcarehiring.

Hospitals vary a great deal in function, specialty and size. There are geriatric hospitals, children's hospitals, and trauma centers, as well as specialized facilities. Hospitals may be a simple clinic located in a single building, or a huge complex medical center in a campus of buildings. Smaller health treatment centers are often called clinics, and they may be managed by a non-profit institution, a government agency, by a private company. Outpatient clinics are usually small health centers that treat ambulatory patients or clients in a community health care environment, while the more critically ill are treated in a hospital or medical center as inpatients.

A typical search of the Health Care Hiring hospital directory may be by a medical billing specialist who is processing Medicare claims. She will need to locate hospitals and other provider contact information to complete requirements of the Medicare processing. The search by Medicare provider number is a perfect solution to the daily needs of medical billing and coding staff, as well as medical transcriptionists and administrative personnel.

About Health Care Hiring:

Health Care Hiring is a comprehensive career and employment website for the health care sector, offering job seekers access to millions of health care jobs across the U.S. Employers and recruiters may search resumes free and post jobs ($30 for 30 days) across a nationwide job network on thousands of websites that include exposure on Jobamatic, Linkedin, MySpace, CNet, ZDNet and Fox News. Health Care Hiring also includes contact information for 5.5 million health care providers nationwide, where job seekers may search for jobs close to home. The staff of Health Care Hiring believe that their efforts can help play a small part in the larger effort to improve, revitalize and redesign the delivery of health care to all Americans.

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