Texan Wire Wheels™ Offers Customers The Freedom To Customize Super Poke Wheels

Premier wire wheel retailer, Texan Wire Wheels™ offers custom Super Poke wire wheels in addition to its stylish stock 30 Spoke elbow wheels.

October 20, 2009 (FPRC) -- LOS ANGELES, CA -- Beverly Hills based Texan Wire Wheels™ has added new custom poke wheels to its already popular arsenal of Super Poke™ wire wheels. Customers can now order wheels in the size and poke that they want.

Specializing in 30 Spoke elbow wheels, Texan Wire Wheels™ already offers a variety of '83s and '84s elbow wire wheels in 15-inch, 17-inch, 20-inch and 22-inch sizes. These wire wheels have 30 spokes and a steep elbow hub that hold the spokes in place. Texan Wire Wheels™ have a steeper hub than other brands and types of wire wheels. The hubs in the centers of the Texan Wire Wheels™ come out away from the vehicles at a steep angle, drawing each spoke away from the vehicle itself in order to meet in the center of the wheel’s hub.

The various sizes of Texan Wire Wheels™ are also available in Standard and Super Poke hubs. In the Super Poke style, the hub protrudes out an inch longer than the Standard wheel. Texan Wire Wheels™ can choose wire wheels in gold finish or chrome plated finish and can finish hubs off with a choice of 2-bar wheel caps or hexagon wheel caps.

"We are thrilled to offer further customization to our customers to help them make their ride more stylish and a stand-out on the road. We look forward to helping our customers dress up their car by making their custom-designed wheels a reality," says Lisa Lindquist of Texan Wire Wheels™.

Texan Wire Wheels' production and operations are based in California, however Texan Wire Wheels™ services all of the United States with the wheels safely packaged and shipped anywhere in the country. Texan Wire Wheels™ recommends regular care and treatment of wheels for optimum performance, extended longevity and enhanced visual appeal.

For a custom design and quote, customers can call (877) 847-9264.

About Texan Wire Wheels:
Texan Wire Wheels™ is a Beverly Hills-based, family-owned and operated business specializing in 30 Spoke wheels. Although the firm's production facility is based in California, it services all 50 states across the country with its 100% American made wheels.

For more information contact Lisa Lindquist of Texan Wire Wheels  (http://www.texanwirewheels.com)

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