Lance Armstrong Thinks SRAM Red is the Best, So Does Stradalli Cycle; SRAM and Stradalli Enter into New Partnership

When Lance Armstrong returned to professional racing in 2009 he chose to equip his bike with SRAM Red. Now Stradalli Cycle has become an official SRAM OEM and will fit SRAM Red or SRAM Force to all of its 2010 Milano line.

January 25, 2010 (FPRC) -- Stradalli Cycle, the high performance carbon cycle manufacturer, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partnership with SRAM and will be using SRAM components on its 2010 Miliano cycles.

SRAM has long been a world leader in high-tech racing bike components and the legendary SRAM Red group did not escape attention of Lance Armstrong. When Lance returned to professional racing in 2009 he equipped his bike with SRAM Red and also invested in the SRAM company where he serves as a technical advisor.

Like Lance, Stradalli Cycle are also using SRAM and have entered into a official partnership with the company. As a result Stradalli will equip all of its 2010 Milano line with either SRAM Red or SRAM Force.

"If it's good enough for Lance and the Tour de France, it is good enough for us" said Thomas Steinbacher, CEO Stradalli Cycle. “We only want the best for our bikes, that's why we formed a Stradalli-SRAM partnership and we are now an official SRAM OEM and are proud to work close with them.”

"SRAM RED is the World’s definitive road group for racing and is marked by tremendous innovation. My bike is lighter than ever and is unbelievably responsive” said Lance Armstrong when announcing his return to professional racing in 2009. “I’m certain my SRAM RED componentry will provide me the best chance to win again.”

Lance Armstrong is a seven times winner of the Tour de France and he finished on the podium using SRAM Red in 2009. In 2010 he intends to enter the Tour de France with Team RadioShack, again using SRAM Red components. Stradalli Cycles would like to wish Lance and the RadioShack team lots of success in 2010.

About The Stradalli Cycle Company
Based in Florida, Stradalli recently announced their new affordable carbon road bike the Stradalli Turin which complements their professional road bike the Milano Strada-PRO. The Stradalli Cycle Company sells worldwide to the keen athlete who demands the best equipment. With years of experience in both high tech manufacturing and design as well as a passion for cycling, Stradalli brings dedication and innovation to the road racing bicycle market.


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