Freight Watchers and Unigroup Worldwide Team-up teams up with Unigroup Worldwide to provide advanced freight management system.

May 3, 2010 (FPRC) -- St. Louis - UniGroup Worldwide, a leading transportation company has signed an agreement with St. Louis based Freight Watchers, Inc., an advanced freight management system, and one of the oldest logistics providers in the US., allowing Freight Watchers to negotiate low rates on behalf of brokerage operations of UniGroup Worldwide’s subsidiaries.

This new partnership will provide auditing accuracy for UniGroup Worldwide and its affiliated companies. The Web-based transportation management system (TMS), which Freight Watchers creates and customizes for UniGroup Worldwide, disperses one check weekly to pay all transportation expenses and saves time by creating bills of lading seamlessly, saving time and freight costs.

UniGroup Worldwide has already saved time and money by using the Freight Watchers system advanced freight management system.

'UniGroup Worldwide, Inc. selected our (TMS) total transportation system over many others in order to take advantage of our great rates and time saving system,' Walter M. Brauer III, President of Freight Watchers said. 'Freight Watchers, Inc. provides a suite of services including shipment rates, creating shipments, tracking shipments, and viewing reports. Because of our longevity in the logistics industry, UniGroup Worldwide, Inc.'s subsidiaries will gain the advantage of our ability to negotiate great rates while utilizing our user-friendly (TMS) total transportation system.'

About Freight Watchers, Inc.

Freight Watchers, Inc. was founded in 1974 by Walter Brauer Sr., whose vision of creating a simpler way for shippers to move and manage their freight was the basis for creating Freight Watchers. Today the company can say they are one of the oldest logistics companies in the United States. is a tried and tested service that has been thriving for 35 plus years. For further information, please visit the company's website at

About UniGroup Worldwide, Inc.

UniGroup Worldwide, Inc. an international transportation subsidiary of the $2 billion dollar parent company UniGroup, Inc., and sibling company of United Van Lines, LLC, Mayflower Transit, LLC, and InSite Logistics, LLC dba UniGroup Worldwide UTS Logistics. The company is based in Fenton, MO.

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