Nippon News expands: New Website Launch !

Tokyo-based news agency Nippon News is pleased to annouce its improved website The re-release of our website promises a vibrant look, new content, significant layout updates, and features which cover the latest news and stories from all over Japan.

June 30, 2010 (FPRC) -- Clarity and ease-of-use motivated us to make all of the updates. Although we pride ourselves on quality content, we had found that there was room for improvement with the interface. So now we offer better service to everyone in all media formats needing content from Japan.

Here is what is new:

• Daily editorial photo upload and more content
• Easier navigation in English, French and Japanese
• Reorganized photo categories
• Special page for photo, video and writing assignments
• Terrific, new lay-out

The Nippon News website allows clients to quickly and efficiently search for, license and download pictures that suit the client’s needs.

All of these improvements have been possible due to the great efforts of the Nippon News team: Paul De Mercey (webmaster), Hitoshi Yamada (photographer) and Chris Pelletier (copyediting).

Please take the time to explore the improved Nippon News website in the coming days. We appreciate hearing from you, so give us your feedback or feel free to ask us a question about our services and and be sure to stay up-to-date: you can now follow us through RSS, Twitter and Facebook!

Thank you for choosing Nippon News, your Press Correspondent in Japan.

Laurent Benchana

About Nippon News
Nippon News, established in October 2002, is a Tokyo-based news agency that specializes in unsolicited and on-demand media content in the areas of photo, text and video. The agency features all of the latest Japanese news: national, political, entertainment, business, technology and sports. Photo, video and writing assignments are available, and Nippon News always caters to client needs. The agency has clients from major television networks, print media and online media worldwide.

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