M 7.3 eartquake in Papua New Guinea New Britain Province Becomes a Deadly Earthquake

An elderly woman was crushed to death when her house collapsed under the quakes.

July 22, 2010 (FPRC) -- 'QuakeSOS' News (iPhone App) , reports that the heavy M 7.3 earthquake who occurred on Sunday in Papua New Guinea New Britain province, will be listed as a 'deadly earthquake'.

An elderly woman was crushed to death when her house collapsed under the quakes. Local reports from the local Papua newspaper The National mention also cracks in roads, collapsed houses and landslides. http://www.thenational.com.pg/?q=node%2F11136

Houses in Gasmata, Arinrin, Menpa, and Jebu had been damaged and people were now gathered under shelters in Jebu village. The extent of the damages are : collapsed houses, burst water tanks, household items being damaged as a result of the intensive tremors. The earthquakes had been described by many as the most intense ever experienced in the province.

136000 people live in an area of 100 km around the epicenter.

Since the main earthquake on Sunday, at least 15b aftershocks have struck the island. The most powerful aftershock occurred on Tuesday at 19:18 UTC and was measuring M 6.3. Aftershocks of this kind can be categorized as a very powerful earthquake creating a lot of damage elsewhere in the world.

QuakeSOS hopes that the International Relief organizations will help the population

Papua New Guinea is frequently struck by powerful earthquakes.

As the epicenter of the earthquake was located under the New Britain island, no tsunami was triggered.

The earthquake happened in a remote area and it takes a long time to access the epicenter area, to reach injured and and to register the damage.

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