Bates Blaster Software V1.1 Released More than Traditional Bates Numbering Software

Bates Blaster Software V1.1 Released More than Traditional Bates Numbering Software

My name is Ronald S. Walters. I have been a paralegal in Los Angeles California for 16 years. I created Bates Blaster software because I needed bates numbering software that would do more than create a simple static prefix and add page numbers to PDF documents. I needed software that would add apply traditional page numbering, AND apply sequentially increasing exhibit (prefix) numbers, and do it in a batch process. Every program I have ever used was only capable of adding a simple STATIC prefix and page numbering. When I needed to create court exhibits and deposition exhibits, I had to process each pdf file ONE AT A TIME!

Bates numbering court exhibits and deposition exhibits is such a common task for paralegals, and there were no software solutions on the market. After 16 years I could wait no longer, so I had software engineers design a program for me, and any paralegal that needs a real time saving software solution. Bates numbering that used to take hours now takes minutes with Bates Blaster software. Again, there are NO other bates numbering programs on the internet that can apply increasing exhibit/prefix numbers and traditional page numbers in a single batch process.

Bates Blaster software can apply traditional bates numbers with a static prefix if that is all you need. A licensed copy of Bates Blaster software is only $29.99. The competition is pricing their software at $129 or more. Even if you only need traditional bates numbering, the price is a real bargain.

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