Rock & Roll Baby Boomer Gift Guide a Holiday Hit - Author Lindee Rochelle Creates Holiday Gift Guide for Rockin’ Seniors

Find a need and fill it. LinDee Rochelle could not find quite the right category of Holiday gift guide to submit her newly published book, so she created one: the Rock & Roll Baby Boomer Gift Guide.

December 8, 2011 (FPRC) -- More than books, the Rock & Roll Baby Boomer Gift Guide is a be-boppin’ trip down Memory Lane. Gone are cutesy grandparent items, functional aging products, and a reminder that newspaper subscriptions are nice.

Rochelle’s gift guide offers fun retro items like rockin’ vintage music from Lou’s Records (Encinitas, California), radio memorabilia in nostalgic audio and video airchecks from California Aircheck, and funky vintage lifestyle clothes and furniture from Vintage Swank (Front Royal, Virginia).

In addition to her book, Blast from Your Past! Rock & Roll Radio DJs: the First Five Years 1954-1959, Rochelle added three other Rockin’ radio books to the Baby Boomer Gift Guide on her website, Blast from Your Past (.net). “It’s a jovial reminder that people 50-plus are still Rockin’ and Rollin’,” says Rochelle, “especially those who collect or decorate with nostalgia.”

Eight categories cover a broad spectrum of sites with products from or emulating the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. Researched and compiled by Rochelle, “My criteria for adding a shop or product to the list was they had to possess at least one of three primary elements: broad Boomer appeal, creativity, and/or Rockin’ good fun:
• Books that Rock!
• Collectibles & Antiques
• General Stores
• Gifts that Rock!
• Home Style for Boomers
• Music, Movies & Entertainment
• Radio’s Rockin’ Gifts
• Retro / Nostalgia

The December featured link is The Video Beat. “I chose this site to premier with the Rock & Roll Baby Boomer Gift Guide,” said Rochelle, “because it’s visual, with great stocking-stuffer-size DVDs of Rock & Roll TV shows and movies. Rock Around the Clock (1956, $19.99) is about as vintage and kitschy as they come. The whole family can revel in the vintage beat, and chuckle at the movie’s uplifting naiveté.”

The Rock & Roll Baby Boomer Gift Guide is hosted on, and will add and feature new Boomer gifts to correspond with holidays throughout the year.

LinDee Rochelle is owner of Penchant for Penning, a writing / editing / author consultant service in San Diego. Blast from Your Past! Rock & Roll Radio DJs: the First Five Years 1954-1959 is available in print on the website,, and soon on Amazon, where the ebook is available now. Rochelle is reachable at 858-292-5288 (CA),

For more information contact LinDee Rochelle of Blast from Your Past  (

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