Greed Has a New Name and It is Spending Easter in Candy Town!

This Easter comes with special treats as Inneres Auge Co. releases Candy Town Seasons, preparing a sweet match-3 game for each and every holidays. The news couldn't be more delightful for little monster Glim, whose appetite for cakes and chocolate is greater than ever. Players will thus have the important mission to help the friendly creature fill up his Easter basket and keep the cute smile on its face.

Bucharest, Romania (FPRC) April 4, 2012 -- The game & app development studio Inneres Auge Co. announces Candy Town Seasons, the sequel of Candy Town, originally published by EA's division Chillingo. Sweets eating frenzy is back in town, this time with special treats for every seasons' holidays.

Candy Town is preparing for Easter holidays. Cakes are baked, chocolate eggs are piped with frosting and candy decorations and red-ribboned Easter baskets are ready to be filled up with special treats. Swipe-to-collect as many sweets as possible with one single touch. The Easter theme of Candy Town Seasons will be the first of the constant updates which will add new free themes for every upcoming holidays.

And here comes Glim, the friendly monster with puppy eyes, always craving for treats. Players need to use their skills and abilities to the max so Glim keeps its Easter basket full all the time. Not to worry, he's pretty insatiable so he would swallow, chew, cram or devour everything you'll throw at him.

There are three main features to be found in Candy Town Seasons:

FAMILY FUN - With its cute visuals and simple, intuitive controls, Candy Town Seasons is the perfect family game. Kids will love the looks and there's enough challenge there for grown-ups too!

EGG COMBOS - Match more than 3 eggs at a time for high scores - what's the highest combo to be reached? Nobody knows!

THREE GAME MODES - Story Mode deals with consecutive levels of increasing difficulty, Flash Mode puts the clock against the players so they rather be quick and score as many points as they can, and Endless Mode gives them all the time in the world to just play for fun!

Candy Town Seasons is $0.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

About Inneres Auge Co.:
Inneres Auge Co., based in Bucharest, Romania, is a professional studio activating as a competitive game & app developer in the mobile app industry. Inneres Auge’s first successful partnership started in 2011, by signing an agreement with Electronic Arts for the title Candy Town, which was published by Clickgamer (an EA division), on the App Store.

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(+40) 735 73 72 71

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