DtiCorp.com Is Introducing The New Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 Thermostat Kit

Popular HVAC online retailer DtiCorp.com (http://www.DtiCorp.com) is introducing the brand new Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 Wireless Programmable/Non-programmable Line Volt Thermostat kit.

July 25, 2012 (FPRC) -- Popular HVAC online retailer DtiCorp.com (http://www.DtiCorp.com) is introducing the brand new Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 Wireless Programmable/Non-programmable Line Volt Thermostat kit. RedLINK Enabled. Up to 12.5 A. Kit includes Wireless EConnect 7-Day / 5-2 Programmable Thermostat and Electrical Heat Equipment Interface Module. Wireless Systems put an end to those hidden obstacles. The Honeywell EConnect wireless thermostat for electrical heating installs in half the time of a wired thermostat. It is compatible for direct installation in most baseboards or can be installed in a remote junction box. Each Equipment Interface Module can support a maximum load of 3000W at 240V and can be used to control baseboards, convectors and fan forced heaters. With EConnect, you’ll be comfortable knowing you’ll have no surprises during installation.

- RedLINK-enabled wireless thermostat for electric heat
- Brings control from the floor to the wall for optimal sensing and comfort
- Compatible with baseboards, convectors, and fan-forced heaters
- EIM powered with existing wires at the heating device
- One thermostat controls up to eight baseboards in a single room
- Works with Portable Comfort Control
- 5-Year warranty

EConnect Comfort Control Systems Application:

EConnect is a two-piece system that includes both a control (thermostat) and an Equipment Interface Module (EIM). The EConnect control and EIM communicate with each other using proven Honeywell RedLINK wireless technology. Here’s how:

1. Equipment Interface Module (EIM):
- Compatible with convectors, fan-forced heaters, and baseboards
- Can be mounted directly on most baseboards with knockouts
- Power the EIM with the existing electrical wires going to the heating device
- Use multiple EIMs in applications where you wish to control multiple heating devices from a single control – up to 8 EIMs per thermostat.

2. Wireless EConnect Thermostat:
- Brings the control from the floor to the wall to optimize sensing and homeowner comfort
- Installs wirelessly - anywhere the homeowner wants it
- Communicates with all RedLINK-enabled accessories
- Configures as programmable or non-programmable based on homeowner needs
- Incorporates simple, plain-language user interface for easy setup & programming that reduces callbacks
- Initial thermostat configuration can be copied to all other EConnect thermostats in the home
- Easy battery replacement

3. Wireless Outdoor Sensor
- Connects wirelessly to display outdoor temperature on all Wireless EConnect thermostats and the Portable Comfort Control
- Features weather-resistant cover and lithium batteries for reliable performance in any climate
- Up to a 5-year battery life

4. Portable Comfort Control:
- Connects wirelessly to communicate and work with the Wireless EConnect thermostats
- Gives homeowners the freedom to control temperature from any room in the home
- Displays outdoor temperature and humidity when used with the Wireless Outdoor Sensor
- One Portable Comfort Control can control up to 16 RedLINK thermostats

5. RedLINK Internet Gateway & Total Connect Comfort Portal:
- Connects any RedLINK system to the internet to provide customers with remote access to their comfort system from their PC, smart phone or tablet.

EConnect Pays For Itself

On average, heating costs make up 50% of your electricity bill. EConnect Comfort Systems allow you to minimize the impact on your wallet. You can maximize your energy savings by installing an EConnect system in every room of your house, reducing your annual heating costs by up to 33% - or by $200 or more each year. That’s thousands of dollars over the life of the thermostat that costs just pennies a day to own and operate.

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