Recruitment Firm Launches the Academy

Advance Recruitment, specialists in medical sales and healthcare sector launches a new 'academy' aimed at preparing graduates for suitable job roles.

September 27, 2012 (FPRC) -- The Academy is designed to select and prepare the best graduates and aspiring professionals for roles across the length and breadth of the medical sales industry. It has been created to ease the transition for inexperienced candidates into medical industry roles and also to aid industry in taking on the workforce of tomorrow and investing in the future of their business.

There are several benefits to hiring a graduate; they are enthusiastic, have a thirst to learn and are flexible in their working lives. They are also keen to generate new ideas and perspectives. However, it is often a concern that new graduates or younger aspiring professionals are a risk to take into a business as they have not necessarily had a chance to prove themselves – and in this difficult economic time, perceived risks aren’t always welcome. On the other hand, some organisations also may not have the resources to support the development of the next generation even though they may aspire to. Yet the problems caused by not taking on new blood can easily render a business stagnant and companies may experience gaps in management structures further down the line as well as a lack in innovation.

The Academy looks to bridge this recruitment gap by offering training and development packages when the graduates are placed. Managing Director Nick Langley suggests that "this venture will step in at a crucial point to provide a much needed service for companies and graduates alike" and that "it is an opportunity to make medical sales recruitment much more efficient".

Advance Recruitment has over 15 years experience in medical sales recruitment and by combining an understanding of recruitment with training, this medical sales recruitment agency hopes to ensure the future of businesses within the industry.

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