Rebelfone Provides Welcome Kit With Dialing Voice mail Instructions on Its Australia Cell Phone Rental Service

Rebelfone has introduced a new offer for people applying for the Australia Cell phone rental service. The travelers applying for this service are provided with welcome kit with dialing voicemail instruction so that they can make best use of the service. The company has good plans and offers that makes communication easy for travelers and helps them to save on the roaming charges.

Greenwich, USA, 29 November, 2012 – Rebelfone is a well known telecom service provider that provides travelers with International Cellular Phone rental service. The company has now launched a new offer where the travelers can get welcome kit and voicemail dialing instruction with the Australia cell phone rental service. As per the offer, people who travel to Australia can apply for a SIM card along with rental handset through the company and can get this kit for free. It makes it easier for them to understand how they can use the phone service better.

Elaborating on the offer the CEO said, “With our new Australia Cell phone rental service, the people who may be traveling to Australia can cut down on the roaming charges by almost 85%. They can enjoy taking free incoming calls and make outgoing at the local rates. We have now introduced a new welcome kit that is given to the people who apply for this connection. This kit helps them with getting started and also helps them to know how they can use voicemail dialing service and use the phone efficiently. The rental charges for the handset are already quite low and this helps in making communication easier for the travelers.”

The wireless service provider is well known to provide with low rental plans that are affordable and makes it convenient for the travelers to stay in touch with everyone. They have a number of different international cellular phone rental plans where the travelers can get the service for as low as $1 per day. The company provides with the latest handsets so that one can choose the cell phone model that he is comfortable with. The tariff plans offered by them are also low and helps in adding to their popularity.

At RebelFone, the international travelers can not only get Australia Cell phone rental service but can get SIM card and handsets for other countries as well. If someone is traveling to various countries then the company has world cell phone and multiple countries SIM cards also that work in the different countries easily.

Adding more about the services, the CEO added, “At Rebelfone, we offer SIM cards for different countries. People can buy the SIM card only and if they do not have unlocked handset then they can rent that through us. They can apply for the plan online itself that can help in saving their time and helps them to review the different plans easily. The SIM cards are available in both prepaid and postpaid connection that makes it easy for people to choose the one they may prefer. We also provide data cards and other services to the international travelers. ”

To learn more about the services offered by RebelFone, visit or call at 1800-375-7163.

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