Aquatek Comments On Findings from New Home Improvement Survey

Representatives from the leading London plumbers have aired their thoughts on the results of a recent survey from a report prepared for the Office of Fair Trading.

December 4, 2012 (FPRC) -- The in-depth study, which was developed by the research and insights agency TNS-BMRB, takes into account customer satisfaction levels across the home improvement spectrum. Of those surveyed, a relatively small number of homeowners experienced a problem with the work that had been carried out. Of those that contracted a tradesman for a home improvement project, this number sat at 20%; of those that were initiating maintenance and repair work, the figure sat at just 1/10.

Interestingly, the report found that the general consumer fear of ‘rogue traders’ makes customers feel particularly vulnerable when it comes to getting the job completed properly. It was established that many of the respondents didn’t feel inclined to voice their queries or concerns for fear of encouraging the trader to abandon the project altogether. It transpired that only 42% of customers with reservations about the work directly asked the company in question to fix the problem. Out of these, only 3% decided to take the matter further by contacting a third party for advice or action.

A representative from Aquatek, a London-based plumbing company, has first-hand experience of the issues addressed in the report and has strong opinions on these findings. He believes that home improvement professionals up and down the country need to be proactively adjusting their level of service to better communicate with customers in the event of a problem.

“The results from this survey are particularly interesting because even though the public seem to have formed an unfair opinion of tradesmen, only a relatively small number of customers are actually unhappy with the work that has been produced,” he says.

“The key here is for companies to put policies and procedures in place so they can better respond to complaints from the customer,” he continues. They also need to place more of an emphasis on developing trusted, long-standing relationships with their customers to avoid being branded as a so-called ‘rogue trader’. That said, I believe it’s up to both parties to solve these kinds of disputes, so the customer must be prepared to make their voice heard and work closely with the company to resolve the problem.”

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