Yoinme acquired more than 10.000 users in one week.

Most people have several profiles in different Social Networks, making it quite difficult and time consuming to connect with all their friends and social connections. Also there is a language barrier that prevents people from trully connect and communicate with each other on this Social Networks unless they speak the same language. This article will give you the inside secrets of "How Yoinme solves all these problems!".

People it's force to waist time Singning up to loads of different social networks, signing in to all of them to keep track of what is happening.
Use translating tools such as Google translate to be able to understand what it's writen in other languages or not talk to people of other countries because they don't speak the same language.
Resulting in a world that is not well connected and a really bad communication in between people of different countries, slowing progress and constraining evolution as we are uncapable to gain a better understanding of other cultures and ways of thinking and viewing the world from different perspectives, allowing people to be more flexible in their thinking and more open minded solving many cultural differnces and boundaries and therefore changing the world in to a better place.

Most people have a few basic needs:
1. People needs to be connected and keep in touch with their friends, family and co-workers wherever they are.
2. Everyone needs to be well communicated and ideally can track what's happening in real time.
3. People's data needs to be translated to be able to communicate regardless of their language. There are sync tools (e.g. Meebo, Friendfeed, etc.),there are social networking tools (e.g, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and there are translating tools (e.g. Google translate, Bing translator, etc.), , but there's no good integrated solution.
Yoinme connects, translates and synchronizes simultaneously Social Networks and making them "just work". Yoinme is kind of like Meebo for Social Networks.

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