Fort Lauderdale Trade Show Exhibit Designer, Skyline Exhibits, Introduces Three New Exhibit Systems

Skyline Exhibits has three new systems to make a trade show display in Miami stand out from the crowd. Envoy, Picturecube and Picturescape systems will all bring an angled design to a trade show stand at a Miami exhibition.

January 10, 2013 (FPRC) -- MIAMI, FL -- Skyline SouthFlorida/Carribean has launched three new modular exhibits. Called "Envoy", "Picturecube" and Picturescape", all three designs use strong angles as design elements to draw visitors' attention to the exhibit.

The three designs are in line with Skyline's approach to modular, lightweight exhibits. Each one packs small, stores and transports easily and requires only simple tools to assemble. The exhibits can be used as stand-alone pieces or added to other components to make larger exhibits. Each features removable fabric panels that can be custom-designed for every event the exhibit is used at.

"These three new exhibits are completely unique and customizable. The angular designs really make them stand out on the exhibition floor and creative use of lighting further draws attention to the exhibits. They are exciting to look at and your eye can't help but be drawn to them," noted Wayne Litsky, Operations Manager/Partner of Skyline SouthFlorida/Carribean.

Envoy features a square, angled design comprised of modular panels. These double-sided panels support Skyline's custom, lightweight fabric graphics, which are easily changed out to switch designs or messages. The strong angles, towers and bridges of Envoy are designed to draw attention to a trade show display at Miami exhibitions and beyond.

Picturecube includes ceiling-hung components to draw attention on the trade show floor immediately. The exhibit is available in 15 different models and works well as a stand alone trade show stand in Miami or as part of a larger display. The design uses strong lighting elements to accentuate the booth and attract attention from a distance.

Picturescape is made up of angled, frame sections that are completely re-positional, allowing users to create nearly any angular configuration possible. Hanging signs have been incorporated into the exhibit to draw the visitors' eye from afar while the angled design makes the display literally stand out from the crowd.

The Fort Lauderdale trade show exhibit design firm recently remodeled and expanded their local showroom. New exhibits and graphics are on display for all to see, including the three new systems. The showroom will be used to demonstrate new products to clients and will be continually updated as new products are launched.

"We plan to have an official unveiling of the new showroom and exhibits when we start up our seminar series again in February. Until then, our clients are welcome to come and get a sneak peek of the showroom and the exhibits on their own," explained Litsky.

About Skyline South Florida/Caribbean: Skyline South Florida/Caribbean designs and manufactures exhibits for organizations that participate in trade shows and special events. With a high level of practical experience and industry knowledge, we provide our clients with the design and manufacturing expertise they seek. With a full line of products, Skyline can match any size and budget, ranging from tabletop displays and portable displays to modular inline exhibits and large-scale island exhibits.

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