Camper presents its new Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Kids

Discover the new funny shoes made for the little ones by Camper for Kids. This collection is designed following high quality standards, providing comfort and promoting a healthy foot development.

March 26, 2013 (FPRC) -- Camper celebrates summertime with Camper for kids! Camper presents its new Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Kids.

Camper created fun little shoes for those ready to strike out on their own.

The Babies and First Walkers collections are designed following the same principles of quality, design and functionality that make Camper a different brand. Additional comfort and quality elements have been added to promote a healthy foot development.

Camper Twins: Different but inseparable. The concept comes back stronger than ever with this new Spring/Summer 2013 collection. New shapes, colours and stories to be invented by the kids.

Beetle comes as a desert boot and Ous as a futuristic sandal. Both lines are made of extraordinary lightweight materials and constructions to provide easy walking and soft

Peu Circuit comes as a Mary Jane and Right as ballerinas. Both of these girly lines are made of flexible, light and resistant leathers and materials, and use fewer reinforcements.

Nora and Pomelo are two new lines from Camper for Kids. Whereas Pomelo is a summery fresh sandal, designed for the coolest junior girls on the block, Nora is a more girly and delicate shoe with a handcrafted look for the smallest of all princesses.

About Camper:

Camper is the living history of a family business from a great family of innovators, who for more than a century and involving four generations have dedicated themselves to the footwear industry. Camper was born in 1975.

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