Hendrikka Waage opens her Online Store

Renowned international jewellery designer Hendrikka Waage has opened her online store www.hendrikkawaage.com for all who are seeking for her collections of jewellery, perfume or home décor products.

April 1, 2013 (FPRC) -- Following the success of her jewellery, Hendrikka Waage has just opened her online store www.hendrikkawaage.com where one can view and buy pieces from any of her collections of fashion jewellery, fine jewellery or perfume.
She is a renowned international jewellery designer with collections consisting of elegant, striking and fashionable jewellery at affordable prices, being sold worldwide. She also takes on bespoke services designing high end pieces for private individuals and organizations.
Hendrikka has had exceptional reviews in almost all of the fashion and lifestyle magazines including Vogue, Hello, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, InStyle, Grazia, and many others.

Her current collections of fashion jewellery have been created in her own inimitable style using colorful beads and charms that depict a hip and cool image.

Having lived and worked in several countries including India, Japan, Russia and the USA, she now lives in London and spends considerable time on charitable causes and in promoting the preservation of the environment, a cause very close to her heart. She is the president and founder of The Kids Parliament www.kidsparliament.org a charity dedicated to helping disabled children from around the world. In addition to her own jewellery creations, Hendrikka continues to work on inspirational design collaborations and at special requests also takes on bespoke services designing high end pieces for private individuals and organizations.

For further information on Hendrikka Waage, visit www.hendrikkawaage.com

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Hendrikka Waage
Company Email: sales@hendrikkawaage.com
Web: www.hendrikkawaage.com
Tel: +442030702432

For more information contact Hendrikka Waage of Hendrikka Waage  (http://www.hendrikkawaage.com)

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