John Ross Palmer Announces Joe Mendietta as Escapist Artist

Joe Mendietta of Houston, Texas was officially named as a member of John Ross Palmer's Escapist Mentorship Program on May 4, 2013. Palmer's Art Movement of Escapism aims to forever destroy the stereotype of the struggling artist.

May 10, 2013 (FPRC) -- On Saturday, May 4th, Artist John Ross Palmer had the great pleasure of officially announcing Joe Mendietta of Houston, Texas as a 2013 Escapist Artist. Mendietta is beyond-thrilled with the honor--accepting the offer on the spot during a phone call earlier in the week. With plenty of time remaining in 2013 prior to the group's October 19th Graduation, Palmer and his partner, attorney Ryan Lindsay, felt that announcing a new Escapist at this stage would be challenging but certainly more than "doable." Palmer explains, "When we went through the Escapist Archives to determine the next-highest-scoring applicant, Ryan and I were elated to see it was Joe. He is an extremely talented Artist and a two-time applicant--and we almost knew in advance that he would jump at this life-changing opportunity." "I believe everything happens for a reason," Mendietta said with emotion as he spoke with Lindsay earlier in the week. "I can't wait to work hard and use this break to the best of my ability!" Just as Palmer hoped, Mendietta has already taken full-advantage of this empowering program by meeting with both Palmer and Lindsay separately in just days after his acceptance. You can learn all about Escapist Artist Joe Mendietta by visiting

The timing couldn't be more perfect for a new member as Palmer's 2nd Annual Gathering of the Escapists is also scheduled for Saturday May 4th at his Historic Heights Art Gallery from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. where Palmer will not only unveil his latest series, Equestrian 2013, but will also introduce all current and former Escapist Artists to all of his friends and art enthusiasts in attendance at this Derby Day soiree. Says Palmer, "We are definitely asking a lot of Joe by joining at a later date and right before such a big event, but, he's shown nothing but determination and motivation to succeed and use this program to his full advantage." Artist Kelyne Reis resigned from the program on Monday April 29th for personal reasons. Palmer and his gallery wish her the best.

John Ross Palmer's Art Movement of Escapism is aimed at forever destroying the stereotype of the struggling artist. His mentorship program, founded in 2009, teaches artists how to sell on their own, self-promote and not be tied to the traditional art gallery system. Palmer does this as a means of giving back to the art world--it is entirely free. Unlike many other artists that are concerned with the competition, John Ross Palmer sees the inherent benefit of elevating all artists to add power to the profession.

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