BrandReact Establishes Social Media Manager College - Master Classes will Help Individuals and Companies Navigate Social Media to Gain a Competitive Edge

BrandReact, Inc., a Social Media Marketing Company, today announced that it has established Social Media Manager College. This 13-week Master Class is for Job-Seekers as well as companies that want to improve their skill set. This is a very hands-on training: every student will end up with a website/blog and all his/her social media profiles & pages set up properly.

November 7, 2013 (FPRC) -- BrandReact, Inc., a Social Media Marketing Company today announced that it has established Social Media Manager College, a 13-week Master Class that will train its students for the most in demand job today: Social Media Manager.

Research shows that there is a substantial gap between the need for strong digital marketing talent and the skills individuals have today. Also many digital marketing teams are strong in some social media areas, but mediocre or weak in others. Furthermore there is no standardized measurement of quality and skills, which makes hiring the right person a difficult process. This prompted BrandReact to fill this gap by using the knowledge it gained from servicing its clients. This thirteen week program will certify and prepare professionals for the growing use of social media in the workplace.

Dick Raman, CEO of BrandReact comments: 'Every day we see how businesses are struggling with new digital developments. Not only Social Media, but Smart Phones and Local Search; it is overwhelming. Companies cannot find a qualified resource and most agencies have such a small talent pool, which keeps prices high.'

BrandReact created a comprehensive curriculum covering the various aspects of the job of a Social Media Manager. Modern education is happening more and more online and requires a great deal of discipline and self-learning from students. That is why the Social Media Manager College was set up as a series of 13 online Master Classes covering a broad spectrum of digital methods for interacting with customers, not just for marketing, but also for customer support and other areas. Each week there is an online session, where the students interact with the teacher and learn about a topic. There are assignments and tests for the students and a special website where teachers and students can have discussions. It also holds recordings of the online session and a resource library. All students get individual support from the teaching staff.

What makes the Social Media Manager College unique is that every student will graduate with his/her own website/blog and all social media profiles and pages properly set up. This way they can provide future employers with a real-life demonstration of what they, as a candidate for the Social Media Manager job, are capable of. Students that are already employed can work on their company’s website and social media setup with our assistance, thus producing immediate deliverables for their employer.

Social Media Manager College is a practical, hands-on way to educate people that want to pursue a career in a field that is very young and needs to be further developed and integrated into every business. This Master Class is for job-seekers as well as for companies (and agencies), that seek to acquire more skills as well as help with their own social media strategy and setup.

For further information visit and register for the Master Class which starts the first week of January 2014.

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