"NYC Shanty Is Proud To Present the Only 100% Metal/Non-Combustible Shanty Available On the Market”

NYC Shanty Knock Down FDNY Compliant Shanty’s are all Metal Non Combustible and Reusable. You have our promise that we will work hard to make you a satisfied, long-term customer Our management Team is well known throughout the industry for their extensive knowledge and ongoing commitment to a higher standard of customer service. We pride ourselves on a proven track record of honesty and integrity.

December 16, 2013 (FPRC) -- Easily Erected * Steel Door & Lock * All Metal * Knock Down * Safe & Secure
* Non-Combustible


Steel studs have been used in the construction industry for well over 50 years with a proven track record in commercial construction where the specifications have exceeded those required. NYC shanties are built with our patented "Z.Lock" panels, using galvanized steel to achieve its strength, durability and fire retardance.
• With our patented two-foot panels there is no limit to size.
• All galvanized steel, made completely of non-combustible material will not burn.
• Easy to assemble/break down/move
• Does not need to be disassembled weekly and inspected like metal clad fire rated wood.
• Steel construction lasts and can be reused from project to project.
• Great for office , storage, or changing area

Experts at the New York Fire Safety Academy “Construction & Design - Real Estate Weekly 12/1/10” set fire to eight construction site shanties during a test earlier this month to determine which were safest for workers. It is the first research project scheduled by the Fire Safety Academy on Randall's Island to identify materials and processes that will limit exposure to fires and fire-related incidents on New York City construction sites.

Burning one per hour beginning at 7:30 a.m., the shanties were made with a variety of building materials including sheetrock, fire-rated plywood, sheet metal, metal studs, Sherwin Williams Flame Control Coating, and more.
In addition, the performance of each shanty's fire alarm systems and extinguishing agents, such as ABC extinguishers with sprinkler heads and the Catch a Smoker notification system were tested.

In the sheetrock shanty, the ABC extinguisher curtailed the flames but did not extinguish them entirely. However, the ABC extinguisher worked successfully in a fire-treated, metal-wrapped shanty.

Without being treated with an extinguisher, the fire-treated, metal-wrapped shanty was consumed by the flames in less than four minutes.
On the other hand, a sheet metal shanty burned for 30 minutes without collapsing, though it did buckle at the sides. Another test took place in a sheetrock structure with a 50/50 wonderboard and sheetrock interior and 50/50 durarock and plywood floor. Though the insides were burned, the actual structure of that shanty was mostly undamaged.

A knock-down, fire-rated shanty was covered with Sherwin Williams Flame Control Coating and a sprinkler system was used to extinguish the fire. Although the sprinkler system was successful, this particular method would not be feasible on a construction site due to a lack of temporary water sources.

Knowing Safety Is Not Enough

Safety is your number one priority as is ours!

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