New Holiline Reminder will take user's expectations of reminder functionality to new heights.

After successfully releasing of the first version of "Holiline Reminder", the company anounces the second release with unique functionality of printing, creating custom event types and many more.

The long-awaited version of Holiline Reminder 2 officially launched.

December 2013 - Holiline, the software company developing freeware solutions, officially announces the new release of its product: Holiline Reminder 2.2.

The company believes that the new version will take user's experience to new heights making in this way Holiline Reminder one of the best reminder alternatives. In fact, it is one of the first alternative freeware reminder programs able to professionally print events, create custom events and compatible with Windows 8. These implementations are crucial and advantageous to users that can benefit from new updates.

The software package offers an array of new functions that make Holiline Reminder ever more productive.
The Holiline development team have been working for a long time to satisfy the users needs. They have also improved the stability of the software which has a backup feature now. Apart from Windows 8 compatibility, the software works with widespread Windows 7, XP and Vista operating systems. Moreover, it is compatible with most popular reminders and allows to import events from them.

The Holiline Dec2013 version is reliable, easy-to-use and free.

Below are some other exclusive features of Holiline 2.2:

* Scrolling text panel
* Flexible position
* “Chameleon” style
* Ancient style calendar
* Photos for events
* Official Holidays
* 16 languages

New version of Holiline Reminder is now available at, the official website where it is also possible to get more information about the software.

About Holiline
Holiline has been developing and marketing free software products for over 10 years.

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