Maria J Clifford Publishes Warning To Garcinia Cambogia Users Everywhere

Maria J Clifford is a nutritionist specializing in safe and sustainable weight loss, and has issued a warning to Garcinia Cambogia users to steer clear of so-called budget supplements.

Salt Lake City, UT June 5, 2014 (FPRC) -- Garcinia Cambogia has been touted by many as a miracle cure for those seeking to lose weight more quickly and effectively. Thatís because its active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, offers a triple effect of positive benefits. The compound speeds up metabolism, suppresses appetite, and reduces the absorption of new fat, optimizing conditions to help people lose weight without taking drastic action. The problem now is that so many cheap imitation products have flooded the market to cash in on its vast popularity, and telling the genuine article apart is difficult. Maria J Clifford has published a new video helping people identify the best quality garcinia cambogia available.

The video takes people through some of the dangers associated with cheap products, which often have been made in labs that are not regulated for hygiene, and include unpredictable amounts of the active ingredient which is then often cut with fillers, binders and other supplements to mask the content.

By contrast, quality garcinia cambogia extract includes pure HCA concentrations of 60%, are created in the US in FDA approved labs, and come with certification and verification as well as a money back guarantee. In the information below the video, Maria even gives a list of recommended suppliers.

A spokesperson for Mariah J Clifford explained, ďMaria works hard to keep abreast of current trends in dieting and has been a longstanding advocate of Garcinia Cambogia. Itís perhaps because of her firm backing of the product in the early days that she is taking such a strong position against cheap imitation products today- her endorsement is for quality products only, and thatís why she is helping people separate the quality offerings from those designed to have an appealing price despite an ineffective formula. The video and the information beneath it cover everything users need to move forward making informed buying choices.Ē

About Maria J Clifford: Maria J Clifford is a licensed dietician at the Kennedy Health Institute in Washington and regularly publishes video logs offering advice and guidance to individuals further afield, offering professional insights into best practices for sustainable weight loss. Her latest release is a video warning of the dangers of cheap Garcinia Cambogia supplements. For more information please visit:

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