Online CPA marketing forum CPA Elites Ltd. gains more than 30,000 users in first year

June 27, 2014 /MM-PressAdvantage/ -- CPA Elites Ltd, the first incentive standalone cost per action (CPA) marketing forum online, is celebrating its one year anniversary with 30,729 active members. The forum,, has grown from strength to strength, and is being directly linked to the largest CPA networks online. The forum is unique and original and offers popular helpful sections, such as (Helpdesk) (online Journeys) (Bragging) and even (Network Reviews). Although the biggest challenge for CPA Elites Ltd. in creating the site was understanding how to drive online traffic to it, they immediately employed methods that allowed them to diversify traffic from different platforms – and with great success. CPA marketing, a form of advertising where the advertiser pays only when target audiences follow through with a certain action (such as making a purchase or completing a survey), is a performance-based advertising form that takes place online for the most part. Advertisers are able to determine their definition of what an “action” is, so those placing the ad know when they will be paid. CPA Elites Ltd. developed the online forum to bring affiliates and those new to CPA marketing together to share and promote learning and growth. The website offers anyone interested the opportunity to learn how to work online and master CPA marketing through the expertise and experiences of its tens of thousands of members. Separate forums in the community are dedicated to certain topics, including those that offer testimonials of members’ personal online journeys and “bragging” sections meant to inspire other users with success stories. Other forum topics include: Info Hub (for news and announcements), Internet Marketing (includes social media, tutorials and working methods), Help Desk and Personal Experiences, Open Discussions, SEO, Webmaster, Programming and Graphics, and several private group discussions. With more than 30,000 active members, discussions are lively and filled with valuable information from experienced CPA marketers. CPA Elites Ltd. also posts interviews from notable and successful CPA marketers periodically so that members can read and learn from their methods and experience. While membership to the community is free, upgrades to “Elite” and “Legend” status are available for a fee, giving them access to private forums and special areas of information. A popular feature that lightens the tone of the community is the more than 40 awards offered to members for various achievements, such as making 100 posts, making 1,000 posts, being a valuable member of the community, or being the “Member of the Month.” Some exclusive awards are offered to just the upgraded Elite and Legend community members. For more information about us, please visit 52788

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