In the Wake of New Consumer Laws, Check-A-Contract Offers Premium Service of Contract Checking and Revision to UK Businesses

The leading legal contract review provider is offering quality service to businesses who need to revise their contracts, terms and conditions and other documents to reflect the new law.

London, United Kingdom, July 28, 2014 – As the business world adjusts to the new legal guidelines regarding selling merchandise in the UK set forth by the Directive on Consumer Rights, leading legal contract and agreement service provider, Check-A-Contract announced today the company is accepting new clients for their premium contract checking service. As part of the new laws, the cancellation allowance of days has been increased from 7 to 14 days, allowing a customer to change their mind, return the goods, and receive a full window in the new timeframe. Check-A-Contract plans to deliver their extended support and advising for businesses trying to adhere to the new selling guidelines.

“Our commitment to our customers doesn't end with these new laws. We want to help you adjust your contract, terms of conditions, and other legal documents accordingly,” says Ralph Ehlers, Managing Partner at Check-A-Contract.

The Directive on Consumer Rights went into effect on June 13, 2014, and guarantees that anyone purchasing goods in the UK will be treated fairly. The 14 day return window begins after the consumer receives their purchase, and now they may cancel the purchase for any reason. These new guidelines have forced businesses and sellers to rewrite their contracts and legal documents to meet the Directive's requirements. Check-A-Contract checks contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, and all other legally-binding documents for any language that may be interpreted as vague, confusing, or opens a business up for liability, insuring their clients are following the tenets of law. While the new rules were put into place to strike a balance for sellers across the United Kingdom, regardless of whether the sale is through mail, online, over the telephone, or away from a business' main location, the change brings the very real possibility of costly fixes to contracts, terms and conditions, and other legal requirements.

“One mistake can cost hundreds or thousands to fix if the contract language doesn't reflect the new rules. We're ready to work with all businesses to see how we can shape their contracts to fit the Directive, and maintain quality customer service across the board,” says Ehlers.

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