Shops Stock to launch worlds first social e-commerce network with “social to peer” purchases.

Slated to be released on November 3, 2014, Shops Stock’s new revolutionary social shopping platform looks to bring all the favorite brands to one place for online shoppers with several new features like social gifting, “Haggling” and personalized profiles!

November 3, 2014, San Diego, CA, United States - Shops Stock has recently announced the release date (November 3, 2014,) of its new social e-commerce platform that is expected to become one of the major launches in the world of internet which will redefine the way people make purchases online. The real concept behind this platform is to extend e-commerce transactions opportunities by communicating the highest price customers are willing to pay for the goods (individualized), and the lowest price retailers are willing to sell at with a decent profit margin. Unlike other traditional online platforms, where there is one fixed transparent price for everything with limited features, Shops Stock wants to create an environment that can benefit both the retailers and consumers alike, and simplify the whole online shopping process.
In this new platform both the manufacturers & retailers will be categorized as “Sellers” and the consumers will be able to select whether they want to shop directly with a particular retail or through a digital catalogue where only the lowest prices from retailers would be shown. One of the great features of this platform will be the “Haggle” feature where members will be able to quote their individual offer amount and identify the time period till the offer is valid.

Some of the key benefits of this platform are:
Introducing “Social to Peer” purchases
“Haggle” for deals
• Open to developers

About Shops Stock
Founded by Matthew Buckley (CEO), Shops Stock is an up and coming social e-commerce platform that aims to make a major difference in global level by benefitting both the retailers and customers, and pave way for future growth. San Diego, California’s East Village District, creates the “hub” for Shops Stock whose employees extend across the Unites States and as far as Ireland and India. Shops Stock’s team of executives, developers and employees represents a diverse, talented and innovative workforce driven to succeed! Matthew Buckley founded the company in 2013 with the vision of breaking down the barriers in communication between buyers and sellers.

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