Old Book Seeks to Recreate Interest in Its Author

The Zharmae Publishing Press Releases a New Edition of William Tedford’s Hydrabyss

April 3, 2015 Spokane, Washington -- Eager to reintroduce the world to his large body of work, The Zharmae has taken to republishing a long list of William Tedford’s science fiction and fantasy novels. Hydrabyss, re released on March 29, 2015, fulfills the longstanding relationship between the publisher and the author. This book is the second in the Timequest Revisited Series, which focuses on fanciful worlds in distant space. The Zharmae suspects that these novels will be successful in establishing a long lasting love for Tedford’s works. This book and all of Tedford’s many others are available wherever books are sold.

About the Book

In a world that is slowly dying, two races: the Chilsun that solely live underwater, and the Kigon that has evolved into nothing but disembodied spirits, are both haunted by the same stunning dreamscape. They must decide what is the greater evil—each other or the being holding them each captive. To help them make this dangerous decision, Chayn, Jahil, and Villimy, must once again join forces to help save the dying planet and the humanoids who inhabit it. It is a journey of hardships, of self-discovery, and the unwavering belief that survival must be had at any cost. This is Hydrabyss.

About the Author

William G. Tedford was born in June of 1942, one of five children. He has lived in Davenport, Iowa his entire life, three blocks from where he was born. He dropped out of school in his senior year, acquired both a high school and college GED with the Army Air Defense Command, and proceeded to spend the next thirty years building combines and tractors to finance a wife and five children of his own.

About The Zharmae Publishing Press:

The Zharmae Publishing Press (TZPP)is a Pacific Northwest based Independent Publisher, dedicated to producing the best genre fiction from around the universe. TZPP is devoted to literary works of depth and detail as well as the broader knowledge and exchange of ideals that can be conveyed from the reading and analysis of fiction. Created with the notion that publishing can and should be hip, youthful and accessible; as well as focused on author development with regards to both the art and science of writing, TZPP is the result of this ongoing effort.

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