Concerns Over Lack Of Information On Feature And Contour Survey Plans In Perth WA

Architects loss in confidence in surveying data provided for Residential Feature and Contour Surveys resulting in inability of building designer to achieve full design potential for residential developments in Perth Western Australia

December 4, 2015 (FPRC) -- In a recent survey done by Zenith Surveying Perth with Architects and building designers in Perth it was concluded that there was concerns over the level of quality of survey plans being presented to first home buyers. The main areas of concerns highlighted by our residential surveying manager were in the following areas, neighboring property levels, accurate locations of neighboring building windows, locations of eves lines and their true height or reduced level in relation to the site being surveyed. Rudy Perone of Arjai Designs stated that "an increase in site investigation by reliable surveyors would increase the quality of surveying data being presented to building designers in Perth.

One of the areas that concerns were raised which Zenith Surveying deemed to be particularly important was how Perth surveyors were not recording sufficient information on neighboring roof pitches which was impacting on their ability to accurately profile the shadows from neighbors roofs into areas which relied on natural light in particular swimming pools and Jacuzzi areas.

These observations which were offered with great acceptance by Zenith Property Surveyors in Perth lead our surveying team leader to the following conclusions which he shared in an open meeting with both experienced and younger trainee surveyors.
Conclusion 1 – Accurately position surveying equipment on site to gain the ability to use reflector less laser from a reliable and regularly serviced surveying instrument with a minimum of 3 second measuring tolerance for angle and 1 kilometer in distance to plan for the eventuality of long observations which may be affected by changing atmospheric pressures and temperatures.

Conclusion 2 - Using staff who have been sufficiently trained in the ability to assess residential surveying building sites to prepare survey plans for the use of building designers who require accurate and well documented survey data which can be transferred into any building design software and be analyzed in both 2d and 3d environments.

Zenith Land Surveyors Perth are in the process of designing new and improved Quality Assurance system’s which will allow our workers to understand requirements and expectations of clients and guarantee surveying data that can be both relied upon and trusted by Perth building professionals. Our experience as property surveyors in Perth will allow us to improve systems and guarantee positive client reactions leaning towards the positive for future Surveying in Perth.

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