Arizona State University ( uses ProcurePort e-Sourcing Software to Educate the MBA and MS Students About the Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing is a key to improving Procurement Performance within an Organization. Arizona State University (, in partnership with ProcurePort, will use the ProcurePort e-Sourcing suite to provide hands on experience to the MBA and MS students, and demonstrate the benefits of using Reverse auctions in the Procurement Process.

December 8, 2015 (FPRC) --

MBA and MS students at Arizona State University ( will get to use the ProcurePort e-Sourcing solution suite and learn about the benefits of implementing Strategic Sourcing in the Procurement Process. Professor Craig Carter will use the ProcurePort technology to demonstrate and provide hands on experience to his MBA and MS class students, showing them how the e-Sourcing technology works.

Automating the RFI (Request for Information) and RFQ (Request for Quote) process along with the implementation of Reverse Auctions can greatly benefit any size Organization. Typical benefits include; time savings, cost savings, increased data security and increased compliance. The use of Strategic Sourcing and the implementation of cloud hosted e-Sourcing Software and Reverse Auction Software will continue to grow over the next decade as more and more companies realize the benefits.

About ProcurePort:

ProcurePort provides Strategic Sourcing technology and services. The ProcurePort e-Sourcing Suite combines Spend Analysis Software, RFI Software, RFQ Software, Auction Software (Reverse Auction, Forward Auction, Dutch Auction, etc.) , Contract Management Software and P.O. & Invoicing Software, thereby providing the ability to automate the entire Source-to-Pay process.

ProcurePort also provides Strategic Sourcing Services. Services include, running e-Sourcing Events for Clients, Conducting Spend Analysis and providing consulting around Strategic Sourcing


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