Publishes Cautionary Advice to Love Seekers

Don't let crazy romance cause foolish spending this Valentine's Day, reports Really Bad Credit Offers

Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- February 11, 2016 (FPRC) -- The average consumer spends $116.21 on Valentine's Day purchasing gifts for their loved ones. In fact, Statistic Brain reports $13,290,000,000 is spent on average each year celebrating this holiday. The personal finance experts at ( ) released cautionary advice to love seekers, as personal lending rates are expected to rise, borrowers may find they are paying long after the romantic thrill is gone.

The company revealed expensive borrowing activity typically rises in the period leading up to the holiday, and consumers need to either borrow responsibly or consider a low cost love adventure.

"According to, one of the main reasons couples choose to split is money. When couples don't agree on spending habits and other financial aspects of their lives, a rift develops in the relationship which is difficult to fix. Overspending on a holiday for a loved one can lead to resentment, when repayment comes due. Couples shouldn't risk their blossoming love in this way," Ariel Pryor, spokesperson for Really ( ), states.

Personal loans can help people treat their loved one to a special trip or purchase a gift their loved one has been wanting. The company warns borrowers against going into debt, and recommends more frugal paths. Individuals with a bad credit historyhave limited options if they are looking to finance their romance. Expensive bad credit lending options may be a poor choice for a lovers emergency.

"Personal financing programs aren't the only thing offered on our site. The primary focus is educate consumers to make smarter choices and improve their personal finances. We provide the information and tools people need to get their finances back on track after bad credit. Personal loans are where most people start, but fundamentally transforming someones financial situation from debt to success and abundance is the true win," Pryor explains.

Learn how to repair credit, find money saving tips and read stories of how people have gotten out of debt. Yahoo Finance recently published an article on how credit cards can actually help consumers save money on their Valentine's Day spending. Individuals rack up rewards with certain credit cards, some companies offer special deals through merchant partners and consumers may find they have enough points with their credit card reward program to buy a special gift or vacation. Individuals with good credit find they can take advantage of these deals, and those with credit issues may find this is the incentive they need to improve their financial situation.

"Do something different this holiday. The financial stability obtained through making positive changes in your current money situation will last far longer than flowers or candy, and your relationship will be stronger as a result. Keep this in mind when you go to choose a gift this holiday or plan your date to impress. You'll find better credit, less debt, and financial freedom is the best gift of all for your significant other. Hey, and if your frugal love match grows into something more: we'd love to hear about it," Mr. Pryor states.

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