iSpiice Announces Volunteering Program Dates, 2016

iSpiice offers local sightseeing tours and add-on tours to volunteers. The organization offers safe and comfortable accommodation to volunteers.

February 17, 2016 (FPRC) -- iSpiice has declared its volunteering program dates for 2016. It is a leading volunteering organization in Dharamsala, India. iSpiice invites volunteers from all over the world to participate in its programs. With proper facilities and arrangements, the organization has come a long way to become a desired destination for aspiring volunteers.

In the words of a spokesperson from iSpiice, “Our volunteering programs are arranged by keeping in mind the convenience of our volunteers. Our program duration ranges from 2 months to 1 year. Volunteers can choose a duration and program that suits them. A volunteer can extend his or her stay, if he or she wants to stay for a longer period of time. Located in the village of Sidhwari, the iSpiice office offers a serene ambience to volunteers. They can experience the sub-Himalayan terrain while volunteering. On weekends, they can try adventure sports like, white water rafting, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, etc. We offer local sightseeing tours to its volunteers in tea gardens and the Masoor Stone Temple. Volunteers can also avail add on tours on weekends. These tours give them a chance to experience India at its core. As part of the add-on tour volunteers can go to Taj Mahal in Agra; climb the Himalayas and visit Delhi, Jaipur, Amritsar, and Manali. An experienced iSpiice member guides the volunteers on these tours.”

An executive of the organization commented, “Volunteers do not have to worry about accommodation. iSpiice offers them comfortable and safe living quarters. The accommodations are clean and have most of the facilities required in daily life. At the accommodations, volunteers get freshly prepared food and can access Internet throughout the day. They can spend their time listening to music, reading story books, and preparing lesson plan for the next day.”

He added that the organization arranges for pick up facility from Delhi airport plus accommodation in the city. In order to make volunteer in Dharamsala, India experience a successful one, the volunteers are given a brief description of the program. Volunteers can relax by performing yoga under the tutelage of a yoga instructor. The organization offers study materials for teaching and a certificate to volunteers after they complete their volunteering programs. The certificate acts as a reference to get volunteering opportunities and jobs in future. If volunteers have any question regarding volunteering packages and travel plans, iSpiice can resolve them. When the program finishes, volunteers are offered transport facility to travel to Delhi airport.

iSpiice is concerned about the convenience of its volunteers. It offers the volunteers a comfortable stay and other facilities. The organizations aim to invite increased number of volunteers in the years to come.

About the company - iSpiice in India offers volunteering opportunities to those interested in helping out the needy. The volunteer programs of iSpiice include child care, child health, child education, women’s empowerment, etc.

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